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'''Please give your reasoning for the vote you cast.''' without it, it will not be counted.
'''Please give your reasoning for the vote you cast.''' without it, it will not be counted.
The reason I am applying is that I am an active user who knows the rules. I have never been kicked nor banned once on a wiki, and there has been an increase in new/old users on chat for the past week or so. I can apply the rules justly, and I am able to be mature, friendly to new/old users, and help when needed. [[User:Qahnaarin1997|Qahnaarin1997]] <sup>([[User talk:Qahnaarin1997|talk]])</sup>
*{{Support}} Qahnaarin1997 was one of the people I've considered to be a possible chat mod before but he was busy at the time when Kora and Lilith applied so he wasn't included. Qahnaarin has been active on chat for a long time and he knows how things operate on chat, knows the rules and he has a good reputation. Although Lilith still has her powers, she's still inactive, we also lost G0LD3NF1RE so I believe we would need more mods due to our increased chat crowd. I might also be online less soon, busy with real life. {{User:RenzXVI/Sig}}21:57, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} Qahn is active and I feel he knows the rules, knowns the community and gets along with everyone. <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#8752; </span> [[User:High_Goddess_Venus-Afrodite-Finelia|High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia ]] <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#937; Mighty Ruler of the Gods &#8859; </span> <sup>([[User talk:High_Goddess_Venus-Afrodite-Finelia|<span style="color:#FFFF00"> talk </span>]])</sup> <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#5099; </span> 22:04, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} He is active, he knows the rules, and he gets along with everyone else. He has what it takes, in my opinion. [[User:Blutbad|Blutbad]] <sup>([[User talk:Blutbad|talk]])</sup> 18:26, March 13, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} See him on chat all the time, usually unbiased, doesn't cause trouble. Is aware of the rules, and could be a great mod. {{User:Ottoman Hold/SigReal|01:02:34|March 14, 2016}}
*{{Support}} Qahn is active, has never broken the rules; been kicked or banned. Atm he is the most '''qualified''' user for these rights, and I believe he will make good use of the tools. [[User:Starkiller131|Starkiller131]] <sup>([[User talk:Starkiller131|talk]])</sup> 18:36, March 15, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} Qahn's a great guy, and he clearly knows the rule. I say, let him be a chat mod. {{Signature/Ned1230}} 20:45, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*{{VoteNeutral}} I am sure this nomination will pass, just as I have no doubt that Qah will be a good moderator. He will learn fast, I am sure. I'm voting neutral simply because we are quite well staffed and in general we should be careful about rushing applications. [[User:Bronkiin|Bronkiin]] <sup>([[User talk:Bronkiin|talk]])</sup> 21:50, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Neutral}} My reasons are basically identical to Bronkiin's. We have enough Cmods already but as long as he learns what he needs to do and how to do it properly I have no issue with it. -[[User:Kora Stormblade|Kora Stormblade]] <sup>([[User talk:Kora Stormblade|talk]])</sup> -23:13, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*We have patrollers and other staff members with chat mod rights but for actual chat mods we only have RenzXVI and Kora Stormblade as active members. Other staff could be busy with editing or other things on the wiki so it would always be good to have another chat mod who's active on just the chat section of the wiki. We also really do have an increase in chat users and trolls. {{User:RenzXVI/Sig}}22:03, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
==Ashley Kirshbaum==
{{Info|Ashley Kirshbaum}}
i feel like we need more chat mods, and i think i'm qualified for the job. [[User:Ashley Kirshbaum|Ashley]] <sup>([[User talk:Ashley Kirshbaum|talk]])</sup> 22:08, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{VoteSupport}} She has come across as immature at times, and does sometimes get into arguments, but I am of the belief that she can do what is necessary on the wiki. I think she can do a good job as chat moderator. [[User:Blutbad|Blutbad]] <sup>([[User talk:Blutbad|talk]])</sup> 19:49, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*{{VoteOppose}} We don't need two more Mods. Has been on chat less than Qah; is more confrontational than Qah. Has shown does not have full understanding of the rules, often questioning legitimate bans and kicks. [[User:Bronkiin|Bronkiin]] <sup>([[User talk:Bronkiin|talk]])</sup> 22:14, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{VoteOppose}} I do not believe Ashley is qualified for the moderator position. I have not seen Ashley display any of the necessary traits such as a display of leadership or capability, and when she's involved in a discussion, it's typically an argument. [[User:ShawnCognitionCP|ShawnHowellsCP]] <sup>([[User talk:ShawnCognitionCP|talk]])</sup> 22:17, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} Gurl you're nice and all but I feel that you don't know the policies like Bronkiin said. ALso agree with Shawn. Love you tho :3 <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#8752; </span> [[User:High_Goddess_Venus-Afrodite-Finelia|High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia ]] <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#937; Mighty Ruler of the Gods &#8859; </span> <sup>([[User talk:High_Goddess_Venus-Afrodite-Finelia|<span style="color:#FFFF00"> talk </span>]])</sup> <span style="color:#FFFF00"> &#5099; </span> 22:24, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} You don't show a unbiased view on anything ever, and you usually are in a argument with someone I feel like this could lead to a whole ton of unlegitimate bans and kicks [[User:DarkVaultBoi111|DarkVaultBoi111]] <sup>([[User talk:DarkVaultBoi111|talk]])</sup> 23:38, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} Basically the reasons everyone else has already stated. Is hardly on chat and is usually involved in the arguments of chat when they are on. -[[User:Kora Stormblade|Kora Stormblade]] <sup>([[User talk:Kora Stormblade|talk]])</sup> 23:53, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} Ashley has a decent attitude sometimes, but seen too many arguments while she was involved in. Isn't on chat enough, as she's only started to get on chat more than once a week. I don't feel she's qualified as of yet. {{User:Ottoman Hold/SigReal|01:02:34|March 14, 2016}}
*Kinda vague, why are you qualified? [[User:DarkVaultBoi111|DarkVaultBoi111]] <sup>([[User talk:DarkVaultBoi111|talk]])</sup> 22:14, March 12, 2016 (UTC)
I would like to apply for chat mod because I know we are in need of more staff especially in the hours that chat is "dead" I belive I would be suitable for this position for a number of reason:
*1 Due to lack of RL social life I can be on at any time as needed especially in the "dead" hours or when there are too many users in chat and chat mods are for mods to sort out trolling.
*2 I regularily reread the rules so i know what is and what isnt allowed.
*3 I have knowledge of TES series (or which pages to link the user to if I dont know the answer) so I can help anyone seeking advice.
*4 I've been an active member since 2012 so I know my way around the wiki as well as most of the users old and new.
*5 I'm friendly and helpful in chat but serious when needed.
[[User:Blitzbear93|Blitzbear93]] <sup>([[User talk:Blitzbear93|talk]])</sup> 20:10, March 21, 2016 (UTC)Blitzbear93
*{{VoteSupport}} she's in chat often, and she seems to know the rules well. [[User:Ashley Kirshbaum|Ashley]] <sup>([[User talk:Ashley Kirshbaum|talk]])</sup> 20:10, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*{{VoteSupport}} she's active in chat, she's friendly and helpful, and she can be mature when she wants to. She does seem to know the rules as well. I do not see any reason why she should NOT be a chat moderator. [[User:Blutbad|Blutbad]] <sup>([[User talk:Blutbad|talk]])</sup> 20:43, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} Blitz is my friend, and she's certainly active in chat more than even Renz and the other mods, and she never breaks any rules. I'm certainly for her being a chat mod. {{Signature/Ned1230}} 20:47, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} On chat a lot, helpful when needed, is a bit immature at times but has shown that this is only "joke mode" and can and will be serious if required. Could be a good mod, but keep in mind we don't want too many more after this XD. {{User:Ottoman Hold/SigReal|11:08:41|March 21, 2016}}
*{{Support}} Blitzbear93 knows a lot about TES games and knows a lot about the wiki since she has been here since November 2012. She has experience in running wikis (even though her wiki is pretty different) and I believe she knows the rules on TES well enough. She's hyperactive but mature when she needs to be, only negative I could think of is her spelling but it's only a slight drawback, warnings issued on chat are usually brief. Her timezone is also another good quality since she can come on chat at a different than most chat mods, that's good since it's ideal that the chat has a mod online at all times. Most people say we might already have enough mods but there's no harm in having more if they do good with their jobs, current chat mods could get busy too so we need enough people to fill in. {{User:RenzXVI/Sig}}07:29, March 22, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} What can I say that hasn't already been said? Well for one she's active in chat more than most users ''regular chat users''. I believe she could make a good chat moderator if the following things happen: She tries to improve her spelling, I know she's gotten better, but there's always room for improvement. Second, she has said in her fifth point of her application that ''I'm friendly and helpful in chat but serious if needed''. My concern with her receiving these rights, is that she might be to serious, you might be thinking. How can anyone be too serious? Well, let's say I ''insult'' Qahn he might take it as a joke, but she might not. Thirdly, she has said in chat ''I only kick trolls'' that's a big problem. Chat moderators are supposed to kick/ban anyone who causes trouble, not just trolls. I support Blitzbear93 for moderator, I just think she has things to work on. [[User:Starkiller131|Starkiller131]] <sup>([[User talk:Starkiller131|talk]])</sup> 22:20, March 24, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Support}} I believe that she would make a good edition. She can be on late late at night to keep out the trouble makers, and she has been an active user and has been on the wiki for a long time. She knows the rules, and I believe can enforce them properly. [[User:Qahnaarin1997|Qahnaarin1997]] <sup>([[User talk:Qahnaarin1997|talk]])</sup> 03:52, March 29, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} I'm sorry but I don't think she has the maturity to be a Cmod yet. I also feel she is too quick with things and is too strict with the rules at moments. -[[User:Kora Stormblade|Kora Stormblade]] <sup>([[User talk:Kora Stormblade|talk]])</sup> 21:03, March 22, 2016 (UTC)
*{{Oppose}} Essentially what Kora said. Furthermore, I feel like it would be bad to have too many chat mods. {{User:The Crusader of Truth/SigReal|07:01:53|March 29, 2016}}
*{{VoteNeutral}} Blitz wouldn't have stood out to me as a natural choice for chat mod and could be on more. But it's a very good application and I do recognise all of the qualities she's listed. [[User:Bronkiin|Bronkiin]] <sup>([[User talk:Bronkiin|talk]])</sup> 21:27, March 21, 2016 (UTC)
==Grand Master Mage==
==Grand Master Mage==

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Users may apply directly to become a chat moderator. Simply click the button below and fill out the form.

Casting a vote

Community votes should be cast using one of the following templates with a reason:
{{VoteSupport}} → Voting-support SupportWrite a reason for support
{{VoteOppose}} → Voting-oppose OpposeWrite a reason for opposition
{{VoteNeutral}} → Voting-neutral NeutralWrite a reason for neutrality
{{VoteComment}} → Voting-comment CommentWrite a comment on the topic without voting

Voting generally lasts for 10 days, however, it may be shortened depending on number support/oppose votes.

Chat nominations are now open again, and new nominations are welcome.

Please give your reasoning for the vote you cast. without it, it will not be counted.

Grand Master Mage

Grand Master MageTalkContribsEdit count

I have been a regular member of the Elder scrolls wikia for four months. I have never been banned nor kicked for a chat. I would like to help out more and I think I would make a great chat moderator. I familiar with the wiki's editing policies.Grand Master Mage (talk) 19:24, July 25, 2016 (UTC)



Voting-oppose Oppose – Due to the fact I have not seen you on chat and I and you don't have a reputation to back up the nomination, and the fact that we already have enough moderators I vote oppose. Please know that it is solely based off those reasons and if you wish to come to chat more often and build a reputation so that you may apply at a later time. Qahnaarin1997 (talk) 19:34, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

Voting-oppose Oppose – Never seen you in chat before (I am there often) and we have more than enough mods in chat most days up as already stated. There are plenty other ways you can help around the wiki however. I don't belive chat mod is the right one for youBlitzbear93 (talk) 19:39, July 25, 2016 (UTC)Blitzbear93

Voting-oppose Oppose – I've never seen you in the chat before, and I'm there quite frequently. Furthermore, there is no desperate need for Chat Moderators currently. Having another Chat Moderator would be completely unnecessary. CarloV3r (talk) 19:41, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

Voting-oppose Oppose – I'm gonna be honest, I have not seen you on the actual Chat once, much less actually moderating it. These rights are not supposed to be handed out like candy, they're an actual job that is reserved for people who can use the tools well. I'm sorry Mage, but you have not proven that you can. Zippertrain85 (talk) 20:12, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

Voting-oppose Oppose – Hmm...never heard of you before...I oppose. I might not have been here for a week while I was on vacation, but it takes more than a week to become a chat moderator, that is, if you were active during that time (which I have no clue). In any case, with seven edits, there is no real way to tell. Ottoman Hold Message Me My Action 08:30:32 July 25, 2016

Voting-oppose Oppose – Seeing as I've never seen you, we have enough mods, etc... I can only say I oppose. TAOA 02:00, July 26, 2016 (UTC)

Voting-oppose Oppose – As mentioned already, i've never seen you once in chat nor have i seen any reason to support this nomination. TessaVarzi (talk) 04:07, July 26, 2016 (UTC)TessaVarzi



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