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The Aspect Of Akatosh

The Aspect Of AkatoshTalkContribsEdit count

I have been an active user on this wiki for 3 months after first editing. I believe myself qualified for the following reasons, 

1:I have a fair sense of Justice, and Do not believe in punishing, until evidence has been presented. 

2: I have familiarized myself with the forum's policies. 

3: I am an overall mature individual, and I am always open to new ideas, and/or recommendations.

4: I believe in diplomacy. I will always try to talk people out of situations, and only use punishing as a last resort.

5: I can help in discussions.

Thank you for your time, and I hope I get this approved, although, I will understand if I don't get approved. What is the Music of Life? talk 06:54, June 9, 2016 (UTC)



We aren't currently in need of D-Mods. Things have been going very well. While you are great in chat, I think you are a bit too short with the /d users at times, and to be able to mod there, you can't be short or snap because it will just cause an uproar.  That being said, it doesn't mean that things won't change in time. So while I vote against now, maybe things will be different at another time.

(~*LilithRayn*~ (talk) 16:11, June 10, 2016 (UTC))



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