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Application to TES Wiki News Team (User:Blood Reaper)

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Blood Reaper (talk) 13:53, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

The main reason I would like to join the news team is to inform everyone about news on TES. As you know I've created many news blogs for the wiki. Most of the day ( every hour ) I look at Bethesda's tweet wall on any new information for Skyrim so I won't be late on creating news blog if I do join the team. English is my first language and strongest so I won't have any trouble when it comes to creating news blogs. I must admit though, that I sometimes don't double check my blogs, but I eventually look over it and fix grammer and errors. My main strong point is that I had a long experience with creating these types of blogs. To be exact, I've created around 45 news blogs and at least 70 blogs in total. The only side issue is how to correctly format news blogs ( might have to discuss it with me).

Here's an example of my news work - Baby named Dovahkiin

Here's two examples of what I can do without copying and pasting - Mysteries of TES I | Mysteries of TES II

Reply to Jimeee

I do see your points here Jimee and that's why I'm planning to actual check over my blogs and change my style a lot more. I act casual because It didn't seem neccessary at the time. I asked a couple of other admins back then about my blog and they said you can use your own style of blogs so I don't really think of it. I CAN write professional but I choose not to. If I do join the team I'll change the way I do things. Simple as that.

P.S. My mediocrity on TES Lore isn't exactly my strong point.




Voting-oppose Oppose – Just a few points why I oppose. This is nothing personal and don't feel bad if it sounds a little harsh.

  • By your own admission you say overlook grammar and spelling errors - this is a basic requirement of news reporting that is absolutely required if we want to be seen by new readers as a professional news source.
  • Your style of writing is far too casual to be considered "official" news. Examples in your past blogs include things like: "CLICK ME BRO! IM THE BETA SIGN UP" and "Sooo ENJOY!". This style of writing is not professional and is not what we want on the front page.
  • The articles you posted also show that your style of writing is too casual and relaxed in tone, but they also don't link to any other articles and they're not referenced in any way whatsoever.
  • In addition, you have not done any basic fact checking for the Mysteries of TES I article as you posted two images about the Akavir - both of which are non-canon, but you've mentioned later "There's only one actual picture portraying one of the Akaviri which are the Tsaesci (snake men)." Basic fact checking and providing references is very important for our official news and examples like this are not acceptable.
  • Although you are quick in posting new updates that occur and you've written many news blogs, this alone doesn't qualify anyone to be responsible for our news output. In the coming months our news section will be very busy and we need people who at the very least pass our four main criteria. We need to provide potential new readers with a professional, accurate news feed that they can rely on and come back to. Anything less and we will simply lose readers and the wiki suffers.

Jimeee (talk) 15:15, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

Voting-oppose Oppose – Your inability to follow the instructions given to you when applying here, I think demonstrates why I oppose this nomination. It's clearly stated that you should leave a link to your userpage in the heading, something you have failed to do. Your lack of knowledge of wiki formatting, point 3 of our criteria, is also worrying. If you had any real knowledge of it, you would be aware of the fact that you should reply to a comment made by someone else by writing underneath it, and indenting by using a : at the start of the line. The fact that you seemingly don't know this, after having 'edited' here for around 11 months, and being a member of Wikia's community council, worries me greatly. The unnecessary use of bolding in a title does not exactly fill me with confidence, either.
Something I myself want to see in news team members would be the willingness to follow instructions handed to you by a superior member of staff. By your own admission, you don't respect authority. There was a time when you would often show me a poor attitude towards your superiors when you were a member of our IRC channel staff. This is another point I'd like to make: The pivotal word in my last sentence was were. Given the fact that you could not handle op, or even halfop status on our IRC channel well causes me to wonder whether it is a good idea to grant you the authority of being this wiki's "face to the public," and allowing your 'news' posts to be published on the main page.
Your previous tendency to simply copy and paste entire news articles from sources, claim them as your own and simply leave a backlink with no explanation at the bottom of your blog is not something I ever admired, and still do not. I do not see any examples of your use of proper reference tags in many of your 'news' blogs, either. I recall one occasion on which I asked you to stop doing this, and yes, you did make some effort, but your reaction to my request of you was not exactly polite; Which caused me to become aggravated. I do not particularly want to be annoyed by the responses of staff members to polite requests of them, and I doubt Timeoin or any of the rest of the community does either.
I know from personal experience, and from reading your blogs that your grammar is quite often not up to scratch. You claim that you save your excellence in the English language for formal occasions, but I never see this demonstrated in your news blogs - Blogs which hold, in fact, the purpose of representing the wiki and its community to the whole outside world. If this is not a formal situation then, I ask you, what is?
This leaves us with one thing you do well; Actively seek information. Good job, you have the time to monitor the Bethesda twitter feed often. You'll need to do quite a lot more than just that, though, to get yourself on the News Team, and become the wiki's "face to the public."
I'd like to mention that Bethesda's official twitter feed is also not the only place you could be searching for information.
Thank you, and I hope you read and understand everything I have said here. Elchzard (talk) 01:36, June 5, 2012 (UTC)


Application for entrance into the TESWiki News Team for Wikian Senjai

Hello, I would like to submit my candidacy for a news potion within the TESWiki community.

I understand that the community seeks a candidate that would provide proficiency in four interwoven areas of content creation. I think it would be modest to say I am well-versed in these areas. As a social sciences student, specifically business, and a tenured director in communications for a multinational mining firm in Vancouver I believe that I am confident in my abilities, pertinent to these requirements. Skills that are relevant to the position are sourced from both my professional and academic career, such as: the ability to reference documents sourced online and by other means according to APA and MLA guidelines, paraphrasing and offering new perspectives on works by other authors, and creating original, consistent, and valid content that would satisfy most of the literate community who contribute to and read this Wiki.

This Wiki aims to be the number one source for information relevant to the Elder Scrolls series. As such there is an unusually high standard for content demanded by the operators of the aforementioned. While I disagree that this standard can be met, as a wiki by definition is a community created object it cannot be regulated to the point as some would like. I believe, however, that I can meet this standard set by the administrators of the wiki and the notable contributors who follow them.

My interest in this position was originally sourced from Goldenfire in the TESWiki IRC Channel, one that I am most active on. It has been reinforced by additional members since then citing my methods with respect to persuasive argument as it is frequent on the IRC Channel. I edit when I can, my job can be very taxing thus I cannot promise to devote a great deal of time. However I spend a fair amount of time following the series and news releases for the games that I enjoy, Skyrim and successors included. I have seen that most of the responsibility for accurate releases have fallen to a few dedicated members of the community, one of these members has been vocal with me in asking that I consider submitting my application. In terms of a Wiki contributor outside of this vocation is normally that of a policeman and grammar nazi. I do not have a dual monitor and it is tedious to edit while playing.

As mentioned I will not always be able to provide content, but the content I can provide will be more than suitable for the standards set by this community. Additionally, I can vow, barring extreme circumstances, important news will be submitted in a timely manner.

I look forward to your criticisms and comments.

Senjai (talk) 01:02, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Voting-support Support – I support Senjai. He is polite, experienced, and exceedingly handsome. Handsome personality, I mean. That's why he should be allowed on the news team. Commander Faol (talk) 01:08, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Voting-support Support – < As the only actual member of the news team at this moment, I agree. Senjai is a fine writer and both his aptitude and attitude would be a boon to the team. I can see that the amount of news blogs we need to post will skyrocket as we approach the release of TESO and having a member of the team like Senjai will prove to be incredibly useful in that period and beyond.

In terms of character, Senjai has always proved to have a great level of understanding for the subject he is discussing, and has ever been compassionate, witty and quick with his responses. Obviously his profesional experience will be immeasurably useful on the news team and I thouroughly look forward to working with such a generally awesome TESWikian.>Brynden Bloodraven Cauthon 01:21, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

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