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The Factor's Estate is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Plans were included for an estate to be built for the Factor. The Nerevarine is to give instructions to Aldam Berendus as to where the estate should be built. There are three possible locations. A torch will be placed at the available locations.


  1. Speak with Falco Galenus or Constans Atrius
  2. Locate the three locations where the estate can be built, each marked by a torch
  3. Return to Aldam Berendus
  4. Escort Aldam to the location of your choice
  5. Leave Raven Rock, and in a few days the journal will update when the estate has been completed


A few days after being named Factor, speak with Falco if you sided with him or Constans Atrius if you sided with Carnius. They will tell you Carnius made plans for an estate in the colony, but the plans were never finished. They will tell you to speak with Aldam Berendus about the construction.

Speak with Aldam Berendus. He will be around the center of Raven Rock. He will inform you that there are three possible locations where he can build your estate, which he has marked with torches. One of them is on the east side of town. Another will be in the west, near the trader. The third location will be in the southeast, behind Gratian Caerellus's house. Once you have made your choice, return to Aldam and guide him to your desired location. He will inform you that it will take him about five days to complete construction, if you leave Raven Rock. Note that construction will not continue while you are in Raven Rock.

Return in a few days and your estate will be completed.


The Factor's Estate
I've been told that plans were included for an estate for the Factor, and I need to give instructions as to where it should be built. I need to find Aldam Berendus at the Raven Rock site.
  • Quest accepted
Aldam has told me that three torches have been placed at the potential building sites. When I've selected one, I should lead him to it and give the order to start construction.
I need to lead Aldam Berendus to the spot the estate will be built on.
I've selected a site for the Estate, and have given the order to start construction. Aldam says it should take several days to complete.
Construction of the Factor's Estate should be complete.
  • Quest complete


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