"On the Far Shores, according to Yokudan lore, there is no hunger, thirst, or fatigue. But there are enough glorious challenges to keep a warrior-spirit engaged forever."
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The Far Shores is the afterlife of the Redguards located in Aetherius. A majority of Redguards go to The Far Shores and spend their afterlife there after they die.[1]


There was once the god Satakal, who, according to myth, eats itself over and over, periodically consuming all of creation. Satakal was so large that he coiled around the worlds; because of his size, the people of the worlds called for something to help them. However, nothing was beyond Satakal so help had to come from inside the worlds. This help came in the form of Akel, the hungry stomach. Fairly soon, Akel made Satakal bite its own heart, killing him. Satakal began to shed its skin in death to begin anew making a new world. Using a form of movement known as the "Walkabout," the god Ruptga and other powerful spirits managed to escape Satakal's consuming of the worlds. They started to guide other weaker spirits to the place now known as the Far Shores. There, they stayed until Satakal was done eating the worlds and they could gain a new skin.[2]


To Walk on Far ShoresEdit

Travel to the afterlife and defeat Septima Tharn.



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