The First Patient is a quest that can be initiated in the village of Phaer, only after completing the Plague of Phaer.


Velatosse is suspicious about the plague's origins. She's asked me to look into the source of this mysterious illness.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find a way into Hendil's home
  2. Search Hendil's house
  3. Read Hendil's Journal
  4. Leave Hendil's house
  5. Bring journal to Velatosse at her son's home
  6. Find a way into the cave, two methods: A.) Bribe the Scout with gold or B.) Go into the Mercenary Bunkhouse, just East of Scout Camenwen, and loot a disguise from the second floor cabinet.
  7. Follow Hendil
  8. Talk to Nelulin
  9. Follow Hendil in the catacombs
  10. Defeat Amuur
  11. Find Hendil
  12. Defeat Tancano
  13. Talk to Hendil
  14. Return to Phaer
  15. Talk to Velatosse (choose whether Hendil lives or dies)


One can bribe the guard with gold GoldIcon.

One can buy a pass from another guard for gold as well GoldIcon.

NOTE: The amount changes based on how much gold you're carrying.


Journal Entry
Velatosse is very upset that the mercenaries are guarding Hendil's home, as well as the quarantine area. She thinks the alchemist is hiding something. I should sneak past the guards and pick the front lock, or try to find an alternate way in.
  • Objective: Find a Way into Hendil's House
I need to search Hendil's home for some evidence of foul play.
  • Objective: Search Hendil's House
I uncovered Hendil's journal, which contains information on the source of the plague. I should take it to Velatosse.
  • Objective: Bring Journal to Velatosse
Hendil's journal indicates that something is amiss in the quarantine. Velatosse is very upset, as her elder son has now been taken as well. She's asked me to enter the cave and find out what's going on. Just need to figure out how to get in there.
  • Objective: Find a Way into the Cave
I made my way into the cave and caught sight of Hendil running down a corridor. I should follow him to see what he can tell me.
  • Objective: Follow Hendil
I came across Nelulin, Velatosse's son. I should talk to him to see if he's all right.
  • Objective: Talk to Nelulin
Nelulin is weak, but not sick. He asked me to follow Hendil and Amuur further down the corridor to see why they put him in quarantine.
  • Objective: Follow Hendil in the Catacombs
Hendil has sent Amuur to stop me. I need to take him down.
  • Objective: Defeat Amuur
Hendil is still somewhere out there in the mine. I have to find him.
  • Objective: Find Hendil
Hendil's son is a vampire! The alchemist has been feeding his fellow villagers to the beast as he worked to find a cure. There's only one choice: Tancano has to die.
  • Objective: Defeat Tancano
I must confront Hendil.
  • Objective: Talk to Hendil
Hendil has surrendered, but can't face the villagers outside. I left him tied up in the mine for the time being. I should return to the surface.
  • Objective: Return to Phaer
Velatosse intercepted me at the cave's exit. I should tell her what's happened.
  • Objective: Talk to Velatosse
I decided to stop Velatosse from exacting her revenge on Hendil. I need to report Hendil's crimes to Netanwe.
  • Objective: Talk to Netanwe (Mutually exclusive with:)
I decided to allow Velatosse to exact her revenge on Hendil. I should speak to her one final time.
  • Objective: Talk to Velatosse


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