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*{{XBOX}}Occasionally the item requested by Delvin is not on the person. Try saving the game and reloading.
*{{XBOX}}Occasionally the item requested by Delvin is not on the person. Try saving the game and reloading.
*{{XBOX}}{{PS3}}Some fishing jobs may require stealing an item that has 0% chance for removal, which in turn will have the quest automatically fail.
*{{XBOX}}{{PS3}}Some fishing jobs may require stealing an item that has 0% chance for removal, which in turn will have the quest automatically fail.

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This is a radiant quest given by Delvin Mallory in the Ragged Flagon as extra work for the Thieves Guild. Fishing jobs consist of using the Pickpocket skill to steal a valuable, unique item from a random character. Fishing jobs can be declined at any time by talking to Delvin Mallory again. There is no penalty for declining or rejecting these jobs.

Doing enough additional jobs such as the fishing job in a hold unlocks the city influence quest in that hold.

Possible targets

  • Retrieve Acolyte Jenssen's Silver Sapphire Necklace from Acolyte Jenssen in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Adonato Leotelli's Gold Ring from Adonato Leotelli in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Aerin's Silver Sapphire Necklace from Aerin in Riften.
  • Retreive Aphia Velothi's Flawless Sapphire from Aphia Velothi in Raven Rock.
  • Retrieve Aia Arria's Gold Necklace from Aia Arria in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Alfhild Battle-Born's Ruby from Alfhild Battle-Born in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Asbjorn Fire-Tamer's Flawless Diamond from Asbjorn Fire-Tamer in Riften
  • Retrieve Athis's Silver Amethyst Ring from Athis in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Aval Atheron's Gold Diamond Ring from Aval Atheron in Windhelm
  • Retrieve Belrand's Gold and Ruby Circlet from Belrand in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Belethor's Silver Necklace from Belethor in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Bolgeir Bearclaw's Ruby from Bolgeir Bearclaw in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Bothela's Silver and Sapphire Circlet from Bothela in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Brenuin's Gold Diamond Necklace from Brenuin in Whiterun
  • Retrieve Briehl's Amethyst from Briehl in Riften.
  • Retrieve Briehl's Gold and Emerald Circlet from Briehl in Riften.
  • Retrieve Brunwulf Free-Winter's Flawless Diamond from Brunwulf Free-Winter in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Bryling's Silver Ruby RIng from Bryling in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Captain Aldis's Silver Emerald Necklace from Captain Aldis in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Carlotta Valentia's Gold Diamond Necklace from Carlotta Valentia in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Drifa's Gold Ring from Drifa in Riften.
  • Retrieve Elda Early-Dawn's Flawless Diamond from Elda Early-Dawn in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Evette San's Flawless Emerald from Evette San in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Elgrims's Silver Necklace from Elgrim in Riften.
  • Retrieve Erikur's Gold Sapphire Ring from Erikur in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Farkas's Flawless Emerald from Farkas in Whiterun, Jorrvaskr.
  • Retrieve Fianna's Gold Emerald Ring from Fianna in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Frabbi's Flawless Diamond from Frabbi in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Geldis Sadri's Flawless Emerald from Geldis Sadri in Raven Rock.
  • Retrieve Gerda's Flawless Ruby from Gerda in Whiterun, Dragonsreach.
  • Retrieve Ghorza gra-Bagol's Amethyst Ring from Ghorza gra-Bagol in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Hafjorg's Flawless Emerald from Hafjorg in Elgrim's Elixers in Riften.
  • Retrieve Hamal's Amethyst from Hamal in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Heimskr's Garnet from Heimskr in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Heimvar's Gold Necklace from Heimvar in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Hogni's Gold Diamond Ring from Hogni Red-Arm in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Horm's Silver and Moonstone Circlet from Horm in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Hrongar's Flawless Amethyst from Hrongar in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Imedhnain's Sapphire from Imedhnain in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Imedhnain's Silver Ring from Imedhnain in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Iona's Diamond from Iona in Riften.
  • Retrieve Jala's Emerald from Jala in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Jora's Ruby from Jora in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Jorn's Diamond from Jorn in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Keerava's Gold Diamond Necklace for Keerava in Riften.
  • Retrieve Kerah's Diamond from Kerah in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Kleppr's Gold Necklace from Kleppr in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Lisbet's Flawless Diamond from Lisbet in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Lortheim's Garnet from Lortheim in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Louis Letrush's Diamond from Louis Letrush in Riften.
  • Retrieve Lydia's Silver Sapphire Necklace from Lydia in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Malthyr Elenil's Ruby from Malthyr Elenil in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Marise Aravel's Silver Emerald Necklace from Marise Aravel in Riften.
  • Retrieve Mikael's Emerald from Mikael in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Mjoll the Lioness's Garnet from Mjoll the Lioness in Riften.
  • Retrieve Mulush gro-Shugurz's Ruby from Mulush gro-Shugurz in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Nazeem's Diamond from Nazeem in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Nivenor's Gold Ruby Necklace from Nivenor in Riften.
  • Retrieve Nura Snow-Shod's Gold and Ruby Circlet from Nura Snow-Shod in Riften.
  • Retrieve Nurelion's Ruby from Nurelion in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Nurelion's copper and sapphire circlet from Nurelion in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Olfina Gray-Mane's Diamond from Olfina Gray-Mane in Whiterun
  • Retrieve Orla's Gold Sapphire Ring from Orla in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Orthus Endario's Silver Ruby Ring from Orthus Endario in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Pantea Ateia's Ruby from Pantea Ateia in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Ria's Diamond from Ria in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Rolff Stone-Fist's Garnet from Rolff Stone-Fist in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Rorlund's Amethyst from Rorlund in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Rondach's Flawless Amethyst from Rondach in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Saffir's Copper and Ruby Circlet from Saffir in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Sayma's Silver Sapphire Necklace from Sayma in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Scouts-Many-Marshes's Jade and Emerald Circlet from Scouts-Many-Marshes in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Severio Pelagia's Silver Emerald Necklace from Severio Pelagia in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Shahvee's Ruby from Shahvee in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Sigurd's Amethyst from Sigurd in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Silana Petreia's Amethyst from Silana Petreia in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Silda the Unseen's Copper and Moonstone Circlet from Silda the Unseen in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Sogrlaf's Emerald in Raven Rock.
  • Retrieve Susanna the Wicked's Gold Jeweled Necklace from Susanna the Wicked in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Tacitus Sallustius's Gold Diamond Ring from Tacitus Sallustius in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Taarie's Emerald from Taarie in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Torsten Cruel-Sea's Gold Ruby Necklace from Torsten Cruel-Sea in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Ulundil's Gold Ruby Necklace from Ulundil in Windhelm.
  • Retrieve Ungrien's Gold Diamond Ring from Ungrien in Riften.
  • Retrieve Viarmo's Flawless Sapphire from Viarmo in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Vivienne Onis's Gold Diamond Ring from Vivienne Onis in Solitude.
  • Retrieve Voada's Gold Ring from Voada in Markarth.
  • Retrieve Wujeeta's Copper and Moonstone Circlet from Wujeeta in Riften.
  • Retrieve Wujeeta's Gold Emerald Ring from Wujeeta in Riften.
  • Retrieve Wylandriah's Jade and Sapphire Circlet from Wylandriah in Riften
  • Retrieve Ysolda's Diamond from Ysolda in Whiterun.
  • Retrieve Lygrleid's Ruby from Lygrleid in Raven Rock.

If the Dragonborn has a pickpocketing skill of 20 or lower, they have 0% chance of successfully pickpocketing the item even with the Thieves Guild boots equipped.


Journal Entry

I've been told to retrieve <radiant item> from <radiant NPC> in <radiant city>. I need to complete this job without killing any of the location's residents or getting caught and spending time in jail.

  • Objective: Retrieve <radiant item> from <radiant NPC> in <radiant city>

Before the task could be completed, I decided to quit. I've therefore failed the job and forfeited any pay I might have received.

  • Quest failed

I've retrieved <radiant item> from <radiant NPC> in <radiant city>

  • Objective: Return to Delvin

During the course of this task, I was arrested and sent to the local jail. I've therefore failed the job and was forced to forfeit my share of the pay.

  • Quest failed

I've successfully complete the job and received my share of the pay.

  • Quest complete


  • When Delvin ask that a gem, or piece of jewelry be pickpocketed, it can be replaced in order to keep the stolen one. Have an identical item in the inventory (it does not matter if tagged as stolen) when talking to Delvin to finish the mission. He will take the un-named "x" item leaving the named one. These can be of some use when enchanting rings or necklaces to avoid having to name them so they can be easily identified in the inventory.
  • Heimskr may be assigned as a target, this could be a problem if he died in the Battle for Whiterun as part of the Civil War, which almost always happens. It's possible that it's on his corpse in the Hall of the Dead, but this has not been confirmed.
  • Brand-Shei may be a target, which is also a problem considering he is put in prison when the quest to join the Thieves Guild is completed, so he may be hard to get to. Unless, of course, the necklace is dropped at the start of the Thieves Guild storyline, which would still allow the quests to continue.
  • Any named jewel acquired during one of these missions, such as Lygrleid's ruby can be used in crafting jewelry. The jewel's identity and stolen flag are lost.


This section contains bugs related to The Fishing Job. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  360  Occasionally the item requested by Delvin is not on the person. Try saving the game and reloading.
  •  360   PS3  Some fishing jobs may require stealing an item that has 0% chance for removal, which in turn will have the quest automatically fail.
    • Solution: Reverse pickpocket a paralysis poison with the Poisoned perk and steal it while they're on the ground.
    • Solution: Give up the quest for something new.
  • If Nurelion is the target and the White Phial quest has been completed, a message saying "Nurelion is asleep and dying" comes up when trying to interact with him, thus making it impossible to pickpocket him.
    •  PC   Solution: Use the console and type setstage TGRGF 50

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