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"Have you any idea? Ooh, this is so exciting!"
―The Frozen Man[src]

The Frozen Man is an insane Bosmer ghost found in Orkey's Hollow. He says he was in a group of people inside the cave when it began collapsing, killing him in the process. From the items gathered in the cave, it can be assumed the Frozen Man was a mage and a member of the Aldmeri Dominion before his death.


The Frozen ManEdit

This insane ghost is believed to have imprisoned a Nord named Eiman in Orkey's Hollow, after he ventured into the cave to try and find the Frozen Man. Rolunda, Eiman's sister, asks the Vestige to rescue her brother. In the cave, the only way Eiman can be released from imprisonment is if the Vestige agrees to play the Frozen Man's games, which are guessing his identity based on three items found within the cave, and finding the real Frozen Man when he uses three illusions of him to try tricking the Vestige. After he is convinced to let Eiman go, the Nord can be brought back to his sister.


Show: The Frozen Man
Inside Orkey's Hollow:

"This one's frozen! Is it someone you know? Guess who I am, and I might let him go."

When walking through the cave:

"Keep walking! There couldn't possibly be traps."

In front of an camping site:

"You'll make a lovely squirrel. So inquisitive!"

After searching the knapsack:

"How rude! Digging through my things. What manners!"

When spoken to:

"Have you any idea? Ooh, this is so exciting!"

Let Eiman go. "That's no fun! Go on, look around! Oh, and mind the bears. I never got around to changing them back."

When approaching the Frozen Man's Journal:

"Leave that be! That's private!"

When approaching the cliffs in the cave:

"Look up, greedy squirrel! See something shiny? Don't break your neck!"

After looting the chest:

"Astounding! You've accomplished the impossible! Leaping small rocks!"

When returning:

"What have you got, clever squirrel? Do you have a guess?"

When spoken to:

"Digging away! Puffy little cheecks. What have you found?"

You're a spy, from the Aldmeri Dominion. "A spy, am I? But why? oh, my! You're a smart one. Whatever will I do with you?"
I guessed who you are. Let Eiman go. "That's no fun! Join me inside. We'll play a game of shells. Win, and you get Eiman. Lose, and you'll be my newest squirrel."
All right. One more game.

When entering through the door:

"Here I am! Or am I here? Guess wrong, and you're mine, my dear."

When picking the wrong illusion:

"Ooh, so close!"
"Hey, over here! Ha ha ha!"

When picking the right character:

"No fair!"

When approached:

"Don't talk to me. I'm a shrub."

Let Eiman go. "Your soul is missing. Want mine? It's black and gooey."
I won your game. Now let Eiman go. "No. We're having old friends for supper. Drink some roots. Stay with us! You'll be safe here."
Safe from what? "The stones! The shiny ones. They're pretty until you turn your back, and then ... whoosh! Skulls implode. Bones shatter."
You're talking about a cave-in. "This is my safest place. My friends are here. Don't take them!"
I don't want your friends. I just want Eiman. "Want, want, want. Greedy squirrels. We wanted to leave here, but then? Shiny stones. I ate them after. They were cold. They hurt my teeth."
If you don't let him go, I'm going to have to hurt you. "The shiny stones did that. The roots, the water, Oriell's three toes. I tried to save him, but his head wouldn't stop leaking. Now he's a milk jug."
What about this rune? Don't you want it back? "It gives me headaches! And it tastes like sawdust. Go on, you eat it."
Eiman will die if you don't release him. "People don't die. They change shape, like Arawe. She's a candlestick. She's bright as the stars. And Tarak? He's never been happier."
If Arawe's a candle, and Oriell's a milk jug, that makes you a bear trap, doesn't it? "So?"
So nobody wants to be caught in a bear trap. Not even squirrels. "That's ... that's the first thing you've said that makes any sense. Fine, take Eiman. Just leave my friends alone. And don't blame me if the shiny stones get you."

If approached again:

"Go, go on now! He's not frozen anymore."


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