"Sure, I know about them. Look, you didn't hear it from me, but rumor is they're hiding out in Bloodmayne Cave. Four of them. Bad news."
Bravil Guard[src]

The Fugitives is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. There has been a prison break in Bravil. The Hero has to find and kill the escaped convicts.


Speaking to anyone in Bravil with a disposition of 70 will let the Hero ask about the fugitives. They will say that there are four of them hiding in Bloodmayne Cave. Bloodmayne Cave is close to Bravil, to the west, along the river past the bridge.

"Wish I had more to tell you about them, but I don't."
Bravil Guard[src]

The first one found is Hlofgar. A room with gas vents must be passed to get to him. In the middle of the gas vents is a pull rope. Activating it will stop the gas for a few moments. There is another pull rope on the northeastern wall that will open the sliding rock door to the southwest. Hlofgar is in the next room.

Next is Ashanta. The Hero will come to a room with a chasm. There are two planks that can be walked across. The side doors may be ignored. After the chasm has been crossed, there is an opening to the left. There is a log trap at the top of the corridor that will release. There is no tripwire to avoid, so step back when it starts or go to the right. Ashanta is in the room behind the log trap. After she is dead, head through the northwest corridor to the next level. (If the Hero gets out of the way fast enough and has let her know they're there, she may kill herself in the log trap.)

Next one to find is Dreet-Lai. This cave has a hole in the ceiling and Dreet-Lai is an archer. He is above the Hero and can notice them easily if they step into the middle of the room. To get to him (or his corpse if he is killed) through the hole, head south into the hallway. The western exit also leads towards the last target.

The western exit will turn south, then east and open into a room. In this room, there will be at least one animal, deal with it and head east.

This corridor opens into a large room with a huge bonfire in it. Enrion is wandering around there. The bonfire can make it more difficult to see him at range. Once he is dead go back to Burz for the reward.

There is a convenient exit to the south. (The hunt can be started here.) It is located a very short distance to the north-northwest of the regular entrance. However, the Hero will have to walk back to the "proper" exit (the one entered through), because there is a rock wall that cannot be opened from the inside of the cavern, only from the main entrance. This way, everyone can be killed from behind, and the log trap avoided.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Burz gro-Khash has given me a contract to find and kill some fugitives from a prison break that have been menacing Bravil. I should go there and see what I can learn.

  • Update: After attempting to persuade one of the residents into revealing where the convicts are:

The residents of Bravil are reluctant to speak about the fugitives, for fear of retribution. Perhaps I will have to persuade one of them to give me the information.

  • Update: After successfully persuading one of the residents into revealing where the convicts are:

I have persuaded one of Bravil's citizens to tell me more about the fugitives. There are four of them. They are thought to be hiding in Bloodmayne Cave.

  • Update: If a the Hero is a member Thieves Guild and a fellow thief reveals where the fugitives are:

One of my fellow Thieves has given me information on the fugitives. There are four of them: Enrion, Hlofgar, Ashanta, and Dreet-Lai. They are thought to be hiding in Bloodmayne Cave.

  • Update: After killing Enrion:

I have found and killed Enrion.

  • Update: After killing Hlofgar:

I have found and killed Hlofgar.

  • Update: After killing Ashanta:

I have found and killed Ashanta.

  • Update: After killing Dreet-Lai:

I have found and killed Dreet-Lai.

  • Update: After killing all four fugitives:

Now that I have killed all of the fugitives, I should return to Burz gro-Khash for my reward.

  • Update: After reporting back to Burz:

Burz gro-Khash was impressed with my efforts in tracking down and killing the fugitives. He has paid me the balance of the contract.

  • Quest complete


  • All the convicts except Enrion, who's a spellcaster and wears regular clothes, have elven armor at lower levels, glass armor at around level 25.

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