The Ghost Ship of Anvil is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


A distraught Altmer named Varulae has nearly given up hope of seeing her Crystal Ball ever again.

Her ship, The Serpent's Wake, has been taken over by former shipmates that now haunt the ship, preventing her from reaching the lower decks. She asks the Hero for help in retrieving the item.


Fight through three decks full of Spectral Sailors to find Varulae's Crystal Ball. The inside of the ship is a pretty confined space with little room to bob and weave. If the Hero's fighting style favors dodging and is having trouble slugging it out toe to toe with the sailors, they will follow the Hero up on deck. This will get some more room and also bring a few of NPCs to distract them.

There will also be a random magic piece of jewelery, 100 GoldIcon in the Captain's Chest, and some Skooma and jewels on the bottom deck. With a high enough Sneak skill and using chameleon, the Hero can sneak through the entire ship without being detected.

Return the crystal ball to Varulae for the reward: Redwave, an enchanted Steel Cutlass.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

A High Elf Sorceress named Varulae has asked me to retrieve her crystal ball, located in the hold of the ship the Serpent's Wake, which is moored up in Anvil Bay. The crystal ball is in a chest in the ship's hold. I should be careful, however -- the crew have all been slain, and now roam the ship's decks as creatures of undeath.

  • Update: Upon obtaining the crystal ball:

I have retrieved Varulae's crystal ball. I must now return it to her on the top deck of the Serpent's Wake

  • Update: After speaking with Varulae again:

I have given Varulae her crystal ball. She gave me the captain's enchanted cutlass as a reward.

  • Quest complete


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