The Goblin Army is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Hunt the Dark Brotherhood" or "Queen Barenziah." The Nerevarine is to investigate and act upon claims that King Helseth has raised a Goblin Army.



Once the Nerevarine has hunted down the Dark Brotherhood's leader in the sewers of Mournhold, they may take quests from Fedris Hler of the Temple in Mournhold. He will inform the Nerevarine that rumors have surfaced that the King of Morrowind, Hlaalu Helseth, has trained a Goblin Army. Hler tasks the Nerevarine with finding this army and destroying it, if they can find out its location (and if it is real). He suggests that the Nerevarine ask around the town about the Army.

Into the SewersEdit

Asking around the town will reveal that any likely hiding place for a Goblin would be in the town's sewer system. The Sewers can be accessed in the Godsreach district of Mournhold. Initially, the Nerevarine will not encounter any Goblins. However, when the enter the West Sewers are entered, the Nerevarine will be attacked by Goblins from that point forward. The Nerevarine must work their way through the sewers in search of the Warchiefs and Trainers.

Tears of Amun-ShaeEdit

The Tears of Amun-Shae holds the two Warchiefs of the Goblin Army, and can be accessed through the residential ruins. Inside, the Nerevarine will encounter numerous Goblins protecting their leaders. Durgoc can be found in one of the rooms of the cave system, while Kurog can be found patrolling the pathways outside of it. Once those two have been dealt with, the Nerevarine can either head back to Hler (for a smaller reward) or head on to kill the Trainers.

Teran HallEdit

Teran Hall can be accessed through the Residential Ruins or the Abandoned Passageway. Inside, the Nerevarine will have to fight numerous Goblins protecting their Trainers, before finding both the Trainers, Yarnar and Armion, in the lower portion of Teran Hall. After both have been killed, the Nerevarine may return to Hler or (if they had not done so earlier) proceed to kill the Warchiefs before returning to Hler.


The Goblin Army
ID Journal Entry
10Fedris Hler, Almalexia's Chief Steward, has asked me to perform a service for the goddess. It seems that King Helseth is recruiting a troop of goblins to serve as footsoldiers for his army.
  • Quest accepted
20According to Hler, Almalexia considers the goblins an abomination, and is horrified that Helseth would consider using the beasts as soldiers. The goddess worries that the temperamental Helseth will lose control of the creatures, and they will attack Mournhold. I am to kill the goblin warchiefs and report back to Hler. Although he did not know where the goblins were being trained, perhaps one of the locals has more information.
30In addition to the two goblin warchiefs, Hler mentioned that there are at least two Altmer in charge of training the goblins for Helseth. If I can also get rid of them, the goddess will be pleased.
40There have been reports of strange creatures in and around the sewers of the Godsreach area of Mournhold. It could be where the goblins are hiding.
50I've killed the two goblin warchiefs.
57I've killed the Altmer trainer Armion.
58I've killed the Altmer trainer Yarnar.
100Fedris Hler has told me that the goddess Almalexia is very pleased to hear that the goblin menace has been taken care of. As a token of gratitude, I have been given a large sum of gold as a reward.
  • Quest complete


  • Hler's reward is dependent on how far the Nerevarine's purge went:
    • If the Nerevarine only killed the Warchiefs, they will receive 5,000 GoldIcon.
    • If the Nerevarine killed the two Trainers and a single Warchief, they receive 10,000 GoldIcon.
    • If the Nerevarine killed both Trainers and Warchiefs, they receive 15,000 GoldIcon.
  • The Nerevarine may speak directly to Hler, even if they have not completed the Hunt the Dark Brotherhood quest.

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