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For the item, see Grandmaster's Retort.

The Grandmaster's Retort is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Big Helende in the Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub.
  2. Go to Tel Mora to steal a Grandmaster's Retort from Berwen.
  3. Return to Big Helende for reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Big Helende in the Sadrith Mora Hall asks the Nerevarine to steal a Grandmaster's Retort from Berwen the Trader in Tel Mora (North of Sadrith Mora, quickest route is by ship). Of course, any Grandmaster's Retort will do if the Nerevarine happens to have any (there are a few in the world). Berwen is in the center of Tel Mora, North East of the docks if the Nerevarine arrived by ship. Note that there is a Corprus Stalker upstairs in Berwen's shop, this is an unrelated Fighter's Guild quest. The retort is on the shelf in front of Berwen, so the Nerevarine will have to be sneaky or just buy it if they don't want to risk getting caught.

Return to Helende for a reward of 200 gold.


  • 200 GoldIcon


The Grandmaster's Retort
Big Helende told me that a client wants a Grandmaster's Retort. Big Helende told me that Berwen the Trader in Tel Mora has a Grandmaster's Retort.
  • Quest accepted
Big Helende thanked me for delivering a Grandmaster's Retort.
  • Quest complete

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