The Great Chapel of Arkay is located in Cheydinhal. The chapel's staff includes Ohtesse, Inius Colus, Primate Gruiand Garrana, and the honored and respected Errandil, the Living Saint of Arkay, who crusades fervently against necromancy.


Chapel HallEdit

Outside the chapel hall are barrels with miscellaneous items and a bookshelf with some books. Chapel hall serves as the sleeping quarters for the inhabitants. It has a large dining room and three bedrooms. In the dining room are several barrels with stored food items and shelves with fine cutlery. Two wine racks with wine can be found, although on the table are Tamika's West Weald Wine and a couple of bottles of Surilie Brothers Wines. It is set for dinner with some venison steaks.

In the three bedrooms are cupboards with clothing, a desk and some other items usually found in bedrooms. A chest is found in each room with some personal effects in them.

Chapel UndercroftEdit

The undercroft is a large area with two separate rooms with tombs from former members of the chapel. One of them houses the dead wife of the count, Andel Indarys. Her tomb is found in the room to the left when entering the undercroft. A chapel guard is guarding the undercroft all the time.




  • As with all Great Chapels, The Great Chapel of Arkay contains altars to all of the Divines, as well as another great altar at the center of the Chapel.


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