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"I have divined the location of the fourth piece of the Staff. It lies in the Halls of Colossus, a structure built to honor a race of Giants, though none have been seen in the land for ages. It is said that the Halls of Colossus sat perched on a cliff overlooking the Great Divide, which is along the southern edge of Tamriel."
Ria Silmane[src]

The Halls of Colossus is the fifth main quest of The Elder Scrolls: Arena. In this quest, the Champion finds the fourth piece of the Staff of Chaos.






Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Travel to the Halls of Colossus
  • Collect the seven keys and reach the Third Level
  • Obtain the Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos


Halls of ColossusEdit

Hall of Colossus First Level

Halls of Colossus First Level - White markers represent keys

Hall of Colossus Second Level

Halls of Colossus Second Level

The Halls of Colossus is a great maze inhabited by Zombies, Lizard Men, Rats, and Ghouls. The First Level is composed by tens of complex corridors in which many creatures roam. There are six doors leading to the Second Level, however to reach the Third Level it is necessary to obtain seven keys which are scattered around the First Level: the Gold Key, Iron Key, Sapphire Key, Ruby Key, two Amethyst Keys, and the Diamond Key.

However, it is possible to skip this part of the quest by using the spell Passwall to bypass the six doors of the Second Level or by using the Skeleton Key to open the doors.

The main objective is to encounter and take the seven keys needed to open the doors to the Third Level. One key is immediately to the left of the entrance (north of the map) behind a hidden door. Another key on a room in the front of the main entrance. On the center of the ruins a key remains close to a lake, surrounded by unbreakable walls. Southeast of the map, a key remains surrounded by more unbreakable walls guarded by Zombies. On the southwest of the map, a solitary key is stored on a little room which can be accessed easily by swimming. Two keys are located on the northwest, one guarded in a little room and another behind an abyss. It is necessary to use the Second Level's doors to explore the ruins without using Passwall (the map on the right is extremely useful for orientation).

The Second Level is full of Rats, however at this point these creatures should not represent any danger. Once all the keys are obtained, it is possible to open the six doors of the Second Level and reach the last area.

The Third Level is small, but it is also the most dangerous. Upon entering, a locked door will request the remaining key. The next door will give a riddle to be solved:


"I am the architect of this hell,
whose name is forgot in the dust of time.
Yet, where there is no dust,
where the river would speak
there is my name.

"Find this place and then return,
to tell me my name.
Only then shall you pass this door.

"What is my name?"

A tribute to the architect is found on the southeast area of the First Level, protected by unbreakable walls and only reachable by water. His name is "Theodorus."

The next door will also provide a riddle:

Hall of Colossus Third Level

Halls of Colossus Third Level – Yellow marker represents Staff Piece


"Asnwer me this, and prove thy wit
for a true challenge is rare indeed.

"I am twice as old as three times the age of
the Sphinx of Gazia, Agamamnus
divided by one-ninth the age of
the Sphinx of Canus, Igon,
who left this world twenty-six years ago.

"What then is my age?"

The answer is "108."

At this point, the effects Invisibility and Resist Shock can be applied.

The last room where the Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos remains is dark and inhabited by terrifying, demonic creatures known as Homonculi. These flying demons guard the Fourth Piece and use a strong ranged shock spell. At this point, Homonculi are annihilative opponents who deal massive damage to the Champion.

Once they are defeated and the Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos is conquered, the Eternal Champion can get out of the wretched ruins.


Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos

Fourth Piece of the Staff of Chaos

"It is obvious, whoever you are, that you are a cunning and worthy foe. It seems that Ria chose well, even if it was her last act. I will not insult your intelligence with further digression. My minions soon approach, but I will not consign you to the dark door of Death. You have proven your worth. Once you are killed, I will raise you to fight for me, as one servants. Give in to me now and I offer you everlasting life..."
―Jagar Tharn[src]

Jagar Tharn (The Halls of Colossus) ambush

Once again, Jagar Tharn will eventually send his servants to kill the Eternal Champion and recover the Staff's pieces.


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