The Haunted House is a Temples quest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent, having joined one of the Temples of the Eight Divines, must cleanse a house of an undead creature for a reward of gold and recognition.


After joining one of the Eight Divine Temples scattered throughout the Iliac Bay, the Agent will be assigned randomly determined quests to complete by the Temple's missionary.


  1. Speak with a missionary from a joined Temple.
  2. Journey to the town and speak with the local populous to find the haunted house.
    1. Enter the house and defeat the undead creature.
  3. Return to the missionary before the deadline to complete the quest.


Speaking with a missionary for the Agent's chosen Temple will reveal that a believer's house has recently become haunted "by some sort of undead". The Temple require someone to exorcise/destroy the creature within a certain number of days, and are only willing to trust a member of their faith. Accepting the quest will give the Agent the name of the residence, as well as the town it is in.

Exorcising EndeavourEdit

When arriving in the specified town, the Agent may need to ask the local populous for the location of the house. Once identified the Agent must enter the house and search for the undead creature, which most likely roams the house's attic. Upon being attacked the undead spirit will exclaim:

"I am the ancestor of the builder of this house. It now belongs to the dead. Let all living creatures shun this place."
Undead spirit[src]

Once the creature is dead, the Agent must return to the missionary who gave them the quest before the time limit expires. Doing so will net the Agent some gold, as well as boost their reputation within the Temple.


The agent will receive a random amount of GoldIcon for completing the quest within the time limit, the amount of which is based on their reputation within the Temple. The success or failure of the Agent in undertaking the quest will also affect their reputation in the Temple:

Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple +5
Temple +2
Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple -2
Temple -1


The Haunted House - c0b00y00
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quest giver's name] of [temple] in [temple town] sent me on an errand to rid [residence] in [town] of an undead haunt. I have [x] days to do the job.

  • Quest accepted


  • An almost identical version of this quest, named The Spook, is available to the Agent if they have not joined the chosen Temple.
  • NPCs will have a variety of comments to make on the quest when pressed for any news:
    • Acceptance:
      • "The ghost of [residence] cannot be killed, they say."
    • Success:
      • "[Residence] is clean at last."
      • "The spirits of [residence] are at last at rest."
    • Failure:
      • "The ghost of [residence] will keep coming back."
      • "The spirits of [residence] are still not at rest."


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