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The Haunting is an Imperial Cult quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is given by Kaye in the Imperial Chapel in Ebonheart and is one of the shrine sergeant missions.


Nedhelas, a homeowner in Caldera, has asked that the Imperial Legion go to his house and remove the Ghost of Galos Heleran, who is protecting an ancestral tomb that the house was built on.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Kaye.
  • Go to Nedhelas in Caldera for a key to his basement.
  • Kill the Ancestor Guardian in the Tomb beneath Nedhelas' home.
  • Tell Nedhelas the ghost is taken care of.
  • Return to Kaye for reward and quest completion.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Kaye, a member of the Imperial Cult, will be asked to send somebody to take care of a ghost problem in Caldera. He will send the Nerevarine. It is a good idea to bring either a Daedric, silver, or an Enchanted weapon; otherwise, the ghost will be immune to attacks.

In Caldera, Nedhelas will be outside of his home waiting. He will hand over his basement key so the tomb underneath his home can be entered. Once inside the tomb, there is a skeleton and the Ghost of Galos Heleran. Once they are dead, report back to both Nedhelas and Kaye to complete the quest.


Kaye will give two Scrolls of Golnara's Eye-Maze, that cast a 25% Chameleon spell on the player. Both scrolls are worth 156 GoldIcon each.


Journal Entry
A Bosmer named Nedhelas in Caldera says his house is haunted by a ghost. Kaye said ghosts aren't affected by normal weapons, so he gave me 200 gold to buy an enchanted weapon or spell, and for other expenses. I'm to talk to Nedhelas first, and I should report back to Kaye if I rid the haunted house of its ghost.
  • Quest accepted
I spoke to Nedhelas. He said the ghost in his haunted house has something to do with a trap door, but didn't explain why. Nedhelas gave me a key to the trap door, and asked me to let him know when the ghost was gone.
I told Nedhelas that I had taken care of the ghost beneath his house. He thanked me, and the Imperial cult.
I reported taking care of the haunted house for Nedhelas. Kaye seemed pleased. He gave me some magic scrolls and told me to speak to him again when I was ready for another shrine sergeant mission.
  • Quest completed
I told Kaye I would not be able to get rid of the ghost haunting Nedhelas' house. Kaye was disappointed, and told me not to come back for at least a day. He told me to get my priorities straight before asking him again for a shrine sergeant mission.
  • Quest failed

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