The Howling Halls is the home to the Apostles and their leader, Ciirta, and is located in southeast of Deepwallow.


Hundreds of years ago, this building served as a temple in Cyrodiil and was used to "cure" the mad. After the Emperor Pelagius was taken, he died, then the temple was destroyed. The Apostles stole the stones and then rebuilt it in the Shivering Isles.[1]

No monsters are found here and the Hero will only be attacked if not wearing their special apostle robes. However, upon returning, they will find it infested with Zealots and Flesh Atronachs.

It should be noted that this is where the Pelvis of Pelagius is found, an item needed in the quest "The Museum of Oddities."


  • Howling Halls – Narthex
  • Howling Halls – Congregation Chambers
  • Howling Halls – Antechamber


The Museum of OdditiesEdit

Una Armina of the Museum of Oddities asks for odd things to display in her museum. When finding an oddity, go back to the Museum. Una will then reward the Hero with a sum of GoldIcon.

Symbols of OfficeEdit

After securing the stronghold for either the Dark Seducers or the Golden Saints, it is time to go back to Sheogorath to learn what to do next. It turns out that the Greymarch has begun, Sheogorath vanishes and the only hope is for someone like the Hero to become the Madgod and sit on the throne, but first they have to reanimate the Staff of Sheogorath. For this to happen, they need to get the eye of Ciirta and a branch from the Tree of Shades.



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