"My commanding officer, Captain Caudex, marshaled what forces he could after the insurrection and took the forum. Turned it into a garrison."
Zelanus Equitius[src]

The Imperial Standard is a quest in The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City given by Zelanus Equitius, a Legion Zero member and part of the garrison in the Nobles District.


I met a scout who serves an Imperial resistance fighter named Captain Caudex. The captain, and a small group of legionary loyalists, have held a garrison at the heart of the Nobles District for nearly two months.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Captain Caudex
  2. Defend the Northern Door
  3. Defend the Western Door
  4. Defend the Southern Door
  5. Talk to Captain Caudex
  6. Talk to the Drake of Blades


Outside the Alliance Base, on the Nobles District, the Vestige comes across a member of Legion Zero, named Zelanus Equitius. Equitius explains that, unlike the majority of Legion Zero, he and his allies have good intentions, and asks the Vestige with speaking to his Commander, Captain Caudex.

Caudex will tell the Vestige his mind on the Alliance War, and on his worldview. Caudex states that the Zelanus has worldview which is far too optimistic, but agrees that he wants the aid of the Vestige.

After defeating the incoming invaders, the Vestige has to return to Captain Caudex, who will explain how he and his men managed to survive as long as they did, after which he tells the Vestige to meet the Drake of Blades.

The Drake of Blades will be surprised to learn of the Imperial forces, and reward the Vestige for their efforts.



Journal Entry
The scout urged me to head to the garrison at the center of the Nobles District. Once inside, I shoiuld seek out Captain Caudex to learn how they have resisted the Daedric onslaught for so long.
  • Objective: Talk to Captain Caudex
Daedra will soon assault the doors of the garrison. I must defend the doors from all attackers.
  • Objective: Defend the North Door
  • Objective: Defend the West Door
  • Objective: Defend the South Door
We've pushed back the Daedric invaders assaulting the garrison. Now that I've proven myself an ally, Captain Caudex may tell me more about how he and his soldiers have held out for so long.
  • Objective: Talk to Captain Caudex
Captain Caudex gave me an ancient scroll. According to him, it has the power to make people immortal and may even bestow prophetic dreams. He had a dream that I would deliver this scroll to the Drake of Blades.
  • Objective: Talke to the Drake of Blades
  • Quest complete
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