The Imprisonment of Mastrius is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. To be able to do this quest, the Nerevarine must be a vampire.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Mastrius in the Salvel Ancestral Tomb.
  2. Depart for Bthuand to locate Spell Breaker.
  3. Bring Spellbreaker back to Mastrius including a Daedra's Heart.
  4. Concede to help him out.
  5. Kill Mastrius.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The Nerevarine must first speak to Mastrius who is located within Salvel Ancestral Tomb. Upon speaking with Mastrius they learn that he was held against his will by Azura, and he thinks he has found a way to free himself. Where he then reveals that he needs them to retrieve Spell Breaker and a Daedra's Heart.

After speaking with Mastrius depart for the Dwemer ruins of Bthuand and locate the shield in the inner more area of the ruins.

Upon returning to Mastrius he will ask for the Nerevarine's help again: the strength to fracture the spell. This time assisting him causes him to absorb half of their health and fatigue, then turn hostile and attempt to kill them. Once defeated loot his body, to claim Spell Breaker again which ends the quest.



The Imprisonment of Mastrius – VA_VampCurse
IDJournal entry
10While exploring a dungeon in the northern regions of Vvardenfell, I encountered the vampire Mastrius deep within its bowels.
  • Quest accepted
20It seems Mastrius has been locked in this dungeon for centuries. He had terrorized the surface for years until the Daedra Azura intervened. Azura cast a spell on Mastrius, trapping him inside the dungeon and draining him of his strength.
30Mastrius has asked me if I would be willing to help him escape from his prison. If I do, he promises that the two of us can rule the world outside, and will have plenty of mortals upon which we may feed.
40I have agreed to help Mastrius escape from this dungeon. He has told me he needs Spell Breaker, a powerful artifact that will act as a conduit for the spell. I will also need to bring him a daedra's heart, which should give him the strength to break the enchantment
50I have decided not to assist Mastrius in escaping his prison. I have no wish to meddle in the affairs of this vampire, especially when it concerns a Daedra Prince.
55Mastrius tells me that Spell Breaker is located in Bthuand, a dwemer ruin north of this tomb.
60I have returned to Mastrius with the Spell Breaker and the daedra's heart, and have given them to the ancient vampire. He has asked me to do one final thing for him: he needs to siphon off some of my power for the spell to work.
70I have agreed to allow Mastrius to borrow some of my strength for the spell. Together, he and I can rule the outside world.
80I have told Mastrius I will not allow him to use my power to make himself whole. I have done enough for this vampire.
90After draining some of my health and fatigue, the vampire returned to full strength. He has decided I am no longer necessary, though.
100I have killed Mastrius. He will never again see the outside world.
  • Quest complete

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