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|image = The Katariah.png
|map = The Katariah map.png
|hold = [[Haafingar]]
|type = Ship
|quests = [[Hail Sithis!]]
|characters = [[Titus Mede II]]<br />[[Lieutenant Salvarus]]<br />[[Captain Avidius]]
|enemies = [[Sailor (Skyrim)|Sailors]]<br />[[Penitus Oculatus Agent (Skyrim)|Penitus Oculatus Agents]]
|LocationID = Katariah01
'''The Katariah''' is a [[ship]] in {{Skyrim}}. Docked in the [[Haafingar]] [[Hold]], likely named after [[Katariah|Katariah I]], the former [[Dunmer (Skyrim)|Dunmer]] [[Empress]] during the [[Third Era]]. ''The Katariah'' appears during "[[Hail Sithis!]]" [[Quests (Skyrim)|quest]] and is docked for the rest of the game. To enter ''The Katariah'', the [[Last Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] must climb the anchor chain at the ship's stern.
On the bow of ship sits the carved effigy of an [[Mer|Elven]] woman, while a statue on the stern displays a winged dragon figure. The woman on the bow is presumed to be Katariah. Due to the ship being the Emperor's personal flagship, Imperial banners similar to those of the [[Penitus Oculatus Outpost]] and of forts under [[Imperial Legion (Skyrim)|Imperial Legion]] control, are draped on the sides of the hull and flying from the bow and stern of the ship.
'''The Katariah''' is a location in the [[Haafingar]] [[Holds|Hold]]. It is presumably a Ship, likely named after [[Katariah I]], former Empress of the Empire during the [[Third Era]].
===[[Hail Sithis!]]===
*Hail Sithis!
If the Dragonborn has been appointed [[Listener]] of the [[Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim)|Dark Brotherhood]], they will need to infiltrate ''The Katariah'' to assassinate [[Emperor Titus Mede II]] on a contract set up by [[Amaund Motierre]] from the [[Elder Council]].
The Emperor sails on ''The Katariah'' to visit [[Castle Dour]] in [[Solitude (Skyrim)|Solitude]]. He comes to [[Skyrim]] after his cousin, [[Vittoria Vici]], is assassinated at her own wedding by the Dragonborn.
*Emperor Titus Mede II
==Notable items==
*Lieutenant Simmons
*A unique [[scimitar]] called [[Windshear]] can be found on the deck of the ship. Head all the way up the bow and it will be at the end of the bowspirit.
*''[[King]]'' ([[Two-Handed (Skyrim)|Two-Handed]] [[Skill Book (Skyrim)|skill book]])
*A unique piece of clothing, the [[Emperor's Robes (Skyrim)|Emperor's Robes]], can be found in the Emperor's sleeping quarters and on the Emperor's body.
*The [[Gilded Wristguards]] can be found in the Emperor's chambers.
*A [[Flawless Ruby]] can be found in the Emperor's chambers.
*A [[Soul Gem (Skyrim)|Soul Gem]] can be found behind the door in the Emperor's sleeping quarters.
*Various items in the [[Imperial Armor (Skyrim)|Imperial armor]] and [[Imperial weapons]] sets.
*A leveled Soul Gem can be found in [[Lieutenant Salvarus]]'s quarters.
*A master-locked chest with various enchanted weapons and gold in [[Captain Avidius]]'s room.
*Katariah Master Key on the body of Captain Avidius and on the body of Lieutenant Salvarus.
*[[Sailor (Skyrim)|Sailors]]
*[[Penitus Oculatus Agent (Skyrim)|Penitus Oculatus Agents]]
*[[Lieutenant Salvarus]]
*[[The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]] {{1st}}
*[[Captain Avidius]]
*[[Hail Sithis!]]
*A dead [[Penitus Oculatus Agent (Skyrim)|Penitus Oculatus Agent]] and [[Sailor (Skyrim)|Sailor]] can be found on the ship.
*On the deck, if a [[Dragons (Skyrim)|Dragon]] attacks, it is possible for it to land underneath the water. This, however, does not harm the dragon, and it eventually resurfaces.
*The Katariah appears to be the only accessible ship in [[Skyrim]] that is not in the style of a Nordic longboat.
*The carving of a dragon on the stern may be an allusion to [[Akatosh]], who is commonly depicted as a dragon and is heavily associated with [[Emperor]]s of [[Tamriel]].
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