Template:SkyrimShips Docked in the Haafingar Hold, it's likely named after Katariah I, the former Dunmer Empress during the Third Era. The Katariah appears during Hail Sithis quest and is docked for rest of the game. To enter The Katariah, pull the anchor chain at the ship's stern.


On the bow of ship sits the carved effigy of an Elven woman, while a statue on the prow displays a winged dragon figure. The woman on the bow is presumed to be Katariah.


Had the Dragonborn been appointed Listener of the Dark Brotherhood during the Fourth Era, they might have infiltrated The Katariah to assassinate Emperor Titus Mede II on a contract, set up by Amaund Motierre of the Elder Council.

During that time, the Emperor sailed on The Katariah, while visiting Castle Dour in Solitude. He visits Skyrim after his cousin, Vittoria Vici, is assassinated at her own wedding.

Notable loot




  • There is a sailor on-board slitting the throats of other sailors and guards in their sleep, the murderer however, does not move around the ship.
  • On the deck if a Dragon attacks it is possible for it to land in the water. This, however, does not harm the Dragon, and it eventually resurfaces.


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