The Keystone is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The keystone is located within the White Rose Prison. The Vestige agreed to find it and use it to free the prisoners here.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the dungeon.
  2. Find Sargon.
  3. Decide the prisoners' fate.
    1. Hints: Read the book (Keystones of Loriasel)
  4. Survive the feral onslaught.
  5. Talk to General Raetus.
    1. Hint: leave the way I came in
  6. Talk to Gerent Hernik.


  1. Enter White Rose Prison dungeon.
  2. Talk to Sargon.
  3. Choose to destroy or absorb the Keystone.
  4. Destroy the keystone to save the prisoners or
  5. Absorb it which makes all the prisoners feral.
  6. Fight of the three waves of feral mobs.



  • Absorbing the keystone will make the final quest in the quest line easier by eliminating the need to solve puzzles.

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