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For other uses, see The Lady Stone.

The Lady Stone is a standing stone in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Lady Stone increases Health and Stamina regeneration rates by 25%.


It is located on a small island in Lake Ilinalta, to the west of Riverwood. The stone is usually surrounded by a group of Slaughterfish.


The island consists of two large rocks at either side of the island. It has two trees and some small shrubbery. There are seven patches of Mountain Flower and one iron ore vein. Also, it is dotted with miniature rocks. The standing stone located on this particular island is rather unique as it has a different architecture than the other stones, having curved supports on its sides. The only stone that has a similar look to its curves is The Lover Stone.



  • To the south of this location there is a wrecked ship at the bottom of the lake (the mast is visible above the surface of the water). Clams and Nordic barnacles can be harvested here. A Leveled battleaxe and a chest containing gold also lies in the wreckage.
  • The stone can help compensate for a vampire's lack of health and stamina regeneration during the day.
    • It can also remedy the adverse effects of the Necromancer Amulet.
  • The loading screens state that those under the Lady Stone's power "regenerate their health and stamina much faster for awhile," meaning that originally, before the game was released, it would only have had a once-per-day activation, like the Shadow or Tower Stone.


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  • Drinking a fortify restoration potion before picking up the stone will increase the effects of the stone, it does not show in the effects menu, but the effects are applied.