The Lady of Paranoia is a quest given by Sheogorath as part of the main questline of Shivering Isles.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sheogorath sent the Hero to speak to Lady Syl, Duchess of Dementia, as part of the quest "Understanding Madness."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Lady Syl claims everyone around her is plotting to kill her and take over her throne. She sends them to Herdir, the court's enthusiastic torturer.

"No more, no more! All I know is that word has gotten around about Anya Herrick. She looks more nervous than normal lately. People think she might be up to something."
―Citizens of Crucible[src]

Talk to Herdir and he will say to search Crucible for suspects. One will also have to "interrogate" people. Herdir will follow when going through Crucible and if asking someone about a conspiracy, they will all initially deny it. However, order Herdir to shoot them with a painful bolt of electricity and they will talk if they have any information and mention Kithlan.

Find Kithlan, Lady Syl's steward and after a bit of electrical persuasion, he will say that Anya Herrick has been acting strange lately. If Kithlan is found asleep in bed just off the throne room, one may find Anya asleep next to him and after a bit of torture she will say that Ma'zaddha is behind a conspiracy against Lady Syl.

Ma'zaddha can be found at his house in Crucible, across from Things Found or at Sickly Bernice's Taphouse. No matter how much electricity Herdir applies, Ma'zaddha will insist the Hero is powerless without evidence.

Speak to Bhisha, Sickly Bernice, or Cutter (she will require double persuasion). They will reveal that Ma'zaddha meets with a Dark Seducer named Nelrene late at night.

Ma'zadda and Nelrene meeting

At this point one will need to use caution to avoid being discovered. Do not speak to Nelrene or Ma'zaddha, just stay in the shadows and follow one of them. They meet near the sewer grate in the southwest part of Crucible, just below Brithaur's House, at about 2:30–2:45 a.m. One will overhear them discussing a plot to kill Lady Syl, and wait until the conversation is finished, then confront Ma'zaddha. No matter what is said to him, he will agree to provide a list of names of others that are involved if they meet him at his house tomorrow at midnight.

Find and speak to Nelrene and if she is tortured three times she will reveal that the leader is Muurine, who will say nothing without more evidence. This step may be skipped if they got the evidence and speak to her.

Ma'zadda dead on the floor

Returning to Ma'zaddha's House at midnight, the Hero will find him dead on the floor. Search his body to find a key to his cupboard found on the second floor. It contains Nelrene's Ceremonial Shortsword and a crumpled note. The notes says that Ma'zaddha tried to get Anya to murder Lady Syl with Nerlene's sword, but she refused, so he held onto the sword as evidence. The sword and note are enough to confront Muurine.

Go back to Muurine and she will finally confess and tell them to go and tell Lady Syl, like the tattletale they are.

Syl executes Muurine

Go back and talk to Lady Syl and she will send for Muurine and orders to meet her in the torture chamber right away. In the torture chamber, Muurine is locked in a cage and when Lady Syl enters she sentences Muurine to death with execution to be carried out immediately. Lady Syl presses a button and two statues on either side of Muurine's cage shower her with lightning, killing her instantly.

Lady Syl then tells the Hero that they will be rewarded by sparing their life and also bestows the title of "Courtier of Dementia" and the bow Ruin's Edge, which casts a random spell on strike.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Lady of Paranoia – SE05
ID Journal Entry
10 I need to travel to the House of Dementia, and seek an audience with Syl.
15 Kithlan has told me that Lady Syl is especially reclusive lately. I may be able to catch her in the garden late around midnight.
20 I have been tasked with finding the people conspiring against Lady Syl. I need to find and speak to Herdir. He can always be found at the torture chamber in the House of Dementia.
30 Herdir has agreed to accompany me. I need to speak with people in Crucible for information about this supposed conspiracy. Perhaps starting with those close to Syl would be useful.
40 I have been told that Anya Herrick may know something about a conspiracy. I should find and interrogate her.
45 Anya Herrick refuses to speak with me. I need Herdir with me to help convince her to talk.
50 Anya Herrick has named Ma'zaddha as being involved in some sort of plot against Lady Syl. I should find and speak to him.
55 Ma'zaddha refuses to give me any information. I need evidence that he's involved; I should speak to the citizens of Crucible to learn more.
60 I've been told that Ma'zaddha has been meeting Nelrene late at night in Crucible. I'll need to find them and listen in on their conversation.
65 I was discovered while attempting to overhear Mazaddha's conversation with Nelrene. I will have to try again another night, and be more careful to remain undetected.
70 I've overheard Ma'zaddha and Nelrene speaking. I need to confront Ma'zaddha with this information.
80 Ma'zaddha admitted to being involved in a plot to kill Lady Syl. He's asked for time to learn more about who's behind it. I should meet him at his house in one day's time. In the meantime, I should investigate Nelrene's role in this.
92 I've found Ma'zaddha dead in his home. I should see if he was holding any evidence of this conspiracy.
95 I found a key on Ma'zaddha's body; he has hidden evidence somewhere that may help my investigation. I'll need to find it.
100 I have found the items Ma'zaddha hid in his house. There is evidence of Muurine's involvement; this should be enough to get her to confess.
I have found the items Ma'zaddha hid in his house. The evidence points to Nelrene, and I should confront her about it.
110 Nelrene has admitted to being involved in the conspiracy. I now have enough evidence to confront Muurine.
Nelrene admits to being involved in a conspiracy, and has named Muurine as the architect of the plot. I'll need more evidence before confronting Muurine.
120 I have confronted Muurine, who has confessed to trying to kill Lady Syl. I should report this news to Lady Syl at once.
130 Lady Syl has asked me to meet her in the torture chamber. I should travel there immediately.
200 The conspiracy has been stamped out. Lady Syl has executed Muurine, and thanked me for my help.
  • Quest complete

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to be hit by the same lightning that kills Muurine if the Hero stands between the cage and the statue. The strike does three-hundred damage.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

This section contains bugs related to The Lady of Paranoia. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   If Nelrine is tortured three times before one listens in on Ma'zaddha's conversation, then Herdir may stop the hero after the first time proclaiming that "she doesn't know anything." If the Hero proceeds to torture her another two times, they will be hit with the same warning, and no confession.
    • If this happens, it is advisable to follow through on Ma'zaddha's turn of events in order to advance the storyline.

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