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The Lion's Den is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Yarah's contact in the tavern
  2. Follow Qismah to Her Home
  3. Talk to Qismah
  4. Search the Captain's Office for Clues
  5. Confront the Guard Captain
  6. Leave the at-Nimr House
  7. Talk to the Beggar
  8. Go to the Pavilion near the Palace
  9. Rescue Hazzi
  10. Talk to Captain at-Nimr on the Rooftop
  11. Take the Imperial Key to Yarah
  12. Talk to Ufa the Red Asp


Speak to Yarah, who will task the Vestige with meeting a contact of her in the local tavern. The contact is hesitant to talk, feeling unsafe in the tavern, and tasks the Vestige to follow her to her home.

Inside her home, she will continue to talk with the Vestige, where she will elaborate on her suspicions of her husband's involvement in Hallin's Stand falling to the Seventh Legion. She tasks the Vestige with searching for her husband's office for clues.

Upon finding the clues, Captain Dhakir at-Nimr will approach the Vestige, demanding an explanation. Upon elaborating that Qismah sent the Vestige, Dhakir will apologize and explain why he aids the Legion; his daughter being held by the Legion.

Upon leaving the house, the Vestige is called upon by a beggar, who will tell the Vestige more about how to return Qismah's daughter, who is kept at the pavilion near the palace.

At the pavilion, Quatrius Scipio is sitting with Hazzi, the daughter of Qismah, and demands the Vestige to leave. The Vestige convinces Scipio to let Hazzi go, following which the Vestige is tasked with meeting Captain Dhakir on the rooftops.

Dhakir will be glad with the return of his daughter, and as a reward, provides the Vestige with the keys needed to release an important captive. He tasks the Vestige with bringing the keys to Yarah.

Yarah will be shocked with the news, and shortly after providing it, Ufa the Red Asp, who was previously known as just a beggar, shows up. The Vestige has to talk with him, and congratulate the Vestige for what they have done, rewarding them with the Boots of the Seventh Legion.


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