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The Lizard's Head is an Inn found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is a tavern in Vivec City's Telvanni Canton, it is located in the Waistworks. The Inn is owned by Manara Othan, she may provide the Nerevarine with food, drinks and a bed for a small fee. There are two levels to the tavern, the sleeping area is below the main room. There is, at the back of the lower section, a locked door, it is a storage room. Inside, on a barrel, a mounted Argonian's head can be found.


Notable itemsEdit


  • Nord Burial – A quest that is started and completed simply by listening to Ennbjof. Although, the Nerevarine may pursue Ennbjof's indications, and find the fabled Stormkiss.




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