The Longhammer is a unique Orcish warhammer found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Longhammer is found at the end of the Liar's Retreat next to the corpse of its owner, Rahd.


The Longhammer's inherent effect allows it to swing 30% faster than a regular warhammer. This allows the Longhammer to potentially surpass a Daedric Warhammer in terms of Damage per second.

The effect is not considered an enchantment so is affected by the Elemental Fury shout to increase its swing speed even more, or can be enchanted at an Arcane Enchanter to stack with its inherent ability, although the description "Rahd's hammer, the reduced weight allows it to be swung more quickly." will remain.


  • The name of the weapon is a reference to Rahd Longhammer, a character in season 5 of the Penny Arcade/PvP/Wil Wheaton D&D game at PAX 2010.
  • It shares its sheathing and swinging animation with Greatswords, and its sheathing/unsheathing sound effects with one-handed swords.


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