"I have suffered shame for the actions of my ancestor. When the Imperial Ninth Legion marched into Murkmire, my distant relative agreed to serve as their scout, and ever since my egg-family has carried the mark of traitors. I want to erase that mark."

The Lost Legion is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire, it is centered around the mysterious end of the Ninth Legion.


Dradeiva, a local Argonian, seeks to prove that the Imperial Ninth Legion disappeared in the Tsofeer Caverns. She hopes to show that her ancestor didn't betray Murkmire. Unfortunately, the caves may also be home to the monstrous voriplasm, Wuju-Ka.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Explore Tsofeer Cavern
  2. Search for Clues
  3. Find the Sacred Altar
  4. Talk to Dradeiva
  5. Kill the Wuju-Ka Guardian
  6. Perform the Rite of Binding
  7. Talk to Dradeiva


Outside Tsofeer Cavern, the Vestige comes across Dradeiva, an Argonian who seeks to cleanse the name of one of her ancestors, who was said to have collaborated with the Ninth Legion. She asks the Vestige to aid her in discovering what occured in the Cavern.

Inside the cavern, at a small Imperial encampment, a dead Imperial Officer can be found, lying next to his skeleton is his journal, detailing the expedition into the cavern.

Deeper inside the cavern, a tent can be found, near which an Imperial Officer's notebook can be found. The author suspected that the Argonian scout they hired took them to the cavern on purpose to weaken the Legion, as over half of his men were lost trying to fight the Wuju-Ka, a beast within the cavern.

Further down, near a Skyshard, the skeleton of one of the last Legionnaires can be found. In his note he explains how he survived, and what took place within the cavern, before his death.

At another Imperial camp, the Tsofeer Ritual Dagger can be found, which used to be used in binding the Wuju-Ka. After taking this item, the Vestige has to find the sacred altar within the cavern.

After going even deeper into the cavern, another Imperial encampment can be found, surrounded by Voriplasm. At this encampment, a sacred altar can be found. After using the altar, Dradeiva will explain her plans in regards to binding the Wuju-Ka, and tasks the Vestige with weakening it by slaying its guardian.

After killing the guardian, Dradeiva will be working on a ritual to bind the Wuju-Ka to Tsofeer Cavern, and tasks the Vestige with igniting the brazier needed in the ritual, following which she asks the Vestige to follow her outside to talk.

Outside the cavern, Dradeiva will thank the Vestige for their help, and reward them with some gold and a tribal loot crate.


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