The Lover Stone is one of the 13 Guardian Stones located in Skyrim. Once activated, this stone improves skill progression - all skills improve 15% faster (the warrior, thief, and mage stones buff skill increases by 20%). The Lover Stone is found east of Markarth, approximately one fifth of the way to Solitude or between Markarth and Karthwasten

The Lover Stone may be useful for players deciding on the Thief path. With One-Handed Weapons , and Archery both being under the sign of the Warrior, and the use of Illusion being under the sign of the Mage, this will yield better results than the Thief Stone, relatively speaking. The Lover Stone's buff does not stack with the Well Rested bonus or with the Lover's Comfort buff. It functions as a permanent Lover's Comfort buff instead of an additional bonus.

The Lover Stone is sometimes guarded by a dragon.

Stormcloak Courier random encounters happens regularly in the vicinity, and the path finding system gives them a beeline to Windhelm. This often, but not always, makes them traverse over the nearby steep waterfall, killing them in a pretty humourous way.

It is recommended for All-Around player types to have this stone activated.

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