The Mad God's Bargain is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige and Shalidor journey to Eyevea, but Sheogorath left portals to Oblivion open and the island is covered in Daedra.

The Vestige fights Haskill. Sheogorath, who has been making Valaste slowly insane with his cursed books, offers to take her to the Shivering Isles. They can decide whether or not to save her. Talking to Shalidor reveals that Sheogorath made him the same offer years ago – the offer that cost Shalidor Eyevea. He begs them not to make the same mistake he did.

Background[edit | edit source]


Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Valaste at the Mages Guild in Rawl'kha (Aldmeri Dominion), Evermore (Daggerfall Covenant), or Riften (Ebonheart Pact)
  2. Place the books
  3. Talk to Shalidor
  4. Wait for Shalidor
  5. Enter portal to Eyevea
  6. Talk to Shalidor
  7. Find Shalidor at the Guild Hall
  8. Talk to Shalidor
  9. Close the portals (3)
  10. Talk to Shalidor
  11. Enter the Guildhall
  12. Confront Sheogorath
  13. Defeat Haskill
  14. Watch the confrontation
  15. Talk to Sheogorath
    • Optional: Talk to Shalidor and Valaste
  16. Wait for Sheogorath
  17. Talk to Valaste (if she was saved)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Vestige and Shalidor travel to Eyevea using the books they have gathered. However, Sheogorath has left portals to Oblivion open throughout the realm, allowing Daedra to roam Eyevea. The doors to the Guild Hall are sealed by magic. Shalidor instructs the Vestige to close the portals while he tries to unseal the doors.

Inside the Guild Hall, Sheogorath instructs the Vestige to fight his chamberlain, Haskill. After the fight, Sheogorath makes an offer to take Valaste back with him to the Shivering Isles and in exchange the Vestige will receive the Folium Discognitum. If not, Sheogorath will cure Valaste of her madness instead but the Vestige will not receive the Folium.

Shalidor warns this is the exact same deal Sheogorath offered him years ago and pleads with the Vestige not to make the same mistake. Valaste is rather eager to go to the Shivering Isles. Ultimately, the decision is up to the Vestige. While the Vestige will receive a skill point at the conclusion of the quest regardless of their decision, the Folium Discognitum, if accepted, will grant the Vestige an additional two skill points.


Rewards[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

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