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The Magister Makes a Move is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Go to Sun-in-Shadow's House
  2. Examine House
    1. Collect items – Sun-in-Shadow's To Do List
    2. Collect items – Page from Sun-in-Shadow's Journal
    3. Examine House – talk to Florinna Avau
  3. Talk to Arith Sendrul
  4. Talk to Magister Gothren (Hints: Go to Tel Aruhn)
  5. Steal Magister Otheri's Journal
  6. Talk to Arith Sendrul in Sadrith Mora
  7. Talk to Magister Gothren's projection
  8. Travel to Zalkin-Sul
  9. Talk to Lothnarth
  10. Enter Mine
  11. Talk to Lothnarth in the mysterious chamber
  12. Find Tools to release the prisms
  13. Find Technical Documents
  14. Return to Lothnarth
  15. Take the Dwarven Prism
  16. Escape the Mine
  17. Return to Gothren in Tel Aruhn
  18. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow again


This quest is fairly straightforward, as mostly it involves finding items and talking to characters.

The step involving stealing the Magister's research notes is relatively easy—there is no trespassing area, unlike previous quests—it is simply a matter of trying again if the Vestige is seen.

Talk to Arith, and then Magister Gothren, who will send you to Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine. There, talk to Lothnarth, who will warn you about Otheri's guards, the mine's Foremen. Proceed through the mine (be aware that being spotted will increase your bounty, until you have reached the mysterious chamber.

Talk to Lothnarth again, and proceed to be given a choice: he will tell you what he knows, in return for any notes found inside about its creation, or alternatively, you can give him 198 GoldIcon to cut out his silent partner.

Choosing the former option, he will inform you that certain parts were taken by Otheri and placed inside the Dwemer ruins: the Crank, Gear, pistons, and handles.

Inside Mzanchend, fight through the Dwarven Automatons to find the prism tools (and research notes if not bribed).

Head back to Lothnarth, and give him the notes. Wait for him to leave, and place the items to unlock the Dwarven Prism. Keesu will then arrive and inform you that the mine is collapsing. Escape, avoiding the Rockfalls. Note that since the Dwarven Tonal Prism has now been removed, the Kwama are now hostile.



  • Sun-in-Shadow starts this quest, unless you stop talking to her after completing the previous quest, even though she has dialogue. However, this quest can also be started from Eoki, either from speaking to him beforehand, or abandoning this quest and restarting it.


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  •  PC   Sometimes, the character will not appear. This is a known issue if starting the quest from Sun-in-Shadow. One solution is to abandon the quest and restart it by talking to Eoki instead.
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