The Merchants Inn is a high-class inn owned by the Imperial Velus Hosidius. Being the exclusive inn that it is, the Hero can rent a bed there for 20 GoldIcon from Hosidus, who never sleeps.


It is a one-story building, including a basement that contains nothing of particular interest. The rental beds are located on the first floor. A bar hosted by Hosidius himself can be found on the ground floor. Drinks and food can be bought from him, as well as a list of various potions. He also sells a handful of common alchemical ingredients.

During the day, the inn will remain rather empty. It is only at night (at around 9.40pm) the inn really becomes lively, with visitors such as bookstore owner Phintias, shopkeeper Thoronir and Light Armor specialist Maro Rufus.

Fighter's Stronghold add-onEdit

The Fighter's Stronghold add-on brings Nilphas Omellian, who sells furnishings for Battlehorn Castle.



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