The Missing Missionary is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mirisa, an Imperial Cult preacher, went into the wilderness of Solstheim to spread the Imperial Doctrine to the local inhabitants. But since then there has been no sign of her. Jeleen, Mirisa's lover, wants someone to find his loved one.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Jeleen.
  • Go to Thirsk Mead Hall and talk to a Brynjolfr (outside) or Skjoldr Wolf-Runner (inside) about Mirisa
  • On a second floor of Thirsk, unlock the only locked door and talk to Mirisa
  • Ask her to travel together
  • Escort her back to the Imperial Cult Shrine
  • Speak to Jeleen and collect your reward

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

In Fort Frostmoth's Imperial Cult shrine, the Nerevarine speaks to Jeleen. He will talk about Mirisa, and how she never returned from her mission, the Hero accepts his quest.

Reinhardt Red-Spear, who is just outside Fort Frostmoth, reveals that she was last seen going towards Thirsk. At Thirsk, Brynjolfr or Skjoldr Wolf-Runner have information about Mirisa. And will say that Erich the Unworthy is involved.

Finding Mirisa[edit | edit source]

Note 1: Mirisa will only be in Thirsk if the quest "The Mead Hall Massacre" has not begun. If it has, she will be in a cave called Solvjord, north of Fort Frostmoth.
Note 2: It is possible to pickpocket Erich for the key to his room.

Thirsk[edit | edit source]

Mirisa will be on the second floor of Thirsk behind a level 50 locked door, which is Erich the Unworthy's room. Speaking to the other inhabitants about Erich, will reveal that he is not held in high esteem, and that if he was to die, he wouldn't be missed. The Nerevarine may speak to Mirisa, to understand what happened, and then confront Erich. The latter, furious that the Hero went into his room will become hostile. None of his fellows in Thirsk will assist him in the fight.

Ask Mirisa to travel together and return to Fort Frostmoth.

Solvjord[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the cave and finding her. The hero may ask to travel together and return to Fort Frostmoth.

Returning safe to Fort Frostmoth[edit | edit source]

Mirisa survives[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to Fort Frostmoth with Mirisa alive, they both go to the Imperial Cult shrine. She will then thank the Nerevarine. The Hero may then speak to Jeleen, who will be filled with joy and give the hero a reward. Mirisa will then provide services as a merchant.

Mirisa does not return[edit | edit source]

Note: Mirisa has no weapons and no armor, behaves like a companion and will attack anything hostile towards the Nerevarine. It is possible that she may die on the way.

The Nerevarine must report to Jeleen and inform him of Mirisa's death. At the news, Jeleen is filled with sorrow, but still gives a reward.

Jeleen will later commit suicide.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • 300 Gold (If Mirisa is alive)
  • 100 Gold (If Mirisa is dead)
  • Mirisa as a merchant (If Mirisa is alive)

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Missing Missionary
I spoke with Jeleen at the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth, and he is deeply troubled. A missionary named Mirisa set out from the shrine over a month ago, and hasn't returned. If I can find Mirisa and return her safely to Jeleen, he will grant a generous reward. Jeleen suggests I look in the Lake Fjalding region, to the north of Fort Frostmoth.
  • Quest accepted
It seems Mirisa the missionary was preaching more about the evils of alcohol consumption than the benefits of the Imperial Cult. She was last seen heading for a mead hall called Thirsk, in the hopes of swaying the resident Nords from their love of drink.
The book "Sovngarde, a Reexamination" contains new theories on the god Shor's mythical Hall of Valor. Of particular interest is the suggestion that the entrance to Sovngarde doesn't actually exist in the physical world. All a Nord has to do to enter Sovngarde is die in honorable combat. I should get this book back to Ulfgar the Unending. He'll be very interested in what it has to say.
The missionary Mirisa is being held captive by a Nord barbarian named Erich the Unworthy, in his room in the Thirsk mead hall.
I have killed the Nord barbarian Erich the Unworthy. Thankfully it was an even fight, since none of Eric's fellow clan members came to his assistance.
I have located Mirisa the missionary, locked in the quarters of Erich the Unworthy at the Thirsk mead hall. She's been imprisoned for over three weeks.
I have agreed to escort Mirisa back to the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth.
I have escorted the missionary Mirisa safely to the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth.
Jeleen was overjoyed at my rescue of Mirisa, and rewarded me with 300 gold pieces.
  • Quest complete
Mirisa the missionary is dead. I should report this sad news to Jeleen at the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth.
Jeleen was ovecome with grief at the news of Mirisa's death. He thanked me for relaying the information, and paid me for my services.
  • Quest complete
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