The Missing Pauldron is a weapons and armor shop in Bliss. The smith, Dumag gro-Bonk, specializes in forging amber into special light armor, or special weapons. Like his Crucible counterpart Cutter, Dumag gro-Bonk is able to recharge depleted magic weapons. Two examples of amber armor are mounted on the wall of his workshop.

The Missing Pauldron has two entrances: one on the south end of town next to Books of Bliss, the other off of the main entrance plaza.

The shop is very popular in Bliss, as Bliss denizens would often praise Dumag's handywork and value his weapons. The opinion however, is likely biased, as people outside of Bliss, especially in Crucible, would prefer Cutter's Weapons more than The Missing Pauldron, probably due to Dumag's "behavior and mannerisms."

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