"<A dead Imperial lies in the sand, his skin blistered as if struck by lightning.>"
―Description of an Imperial Researcher[src]

The Mystery of Razak is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I discovered a battered Dwarven construct that seems to have killed its Imperial caretaker. The Imperial's notes imply that they are searching for something within the Dwemer ruin at Razak's Wheel.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter Razak's Wheel
  2. Discover the Imperials' Goal
  3. Find Aurbis Key
  4. Find Aetherius Key
  5. Find Mundus Key
  6. Unlock Razak's Vault
  7. Investigate Razak's Vault
  8. Find Cog Mold
  9. Manufacture the Cog
  10. Collect the Cog
  11. Install the Cog in Razak's Machine
  12. Talk to Razak's Opus


Outside Razak's Wheel a dead Imperial Researcher can be found. Upon examining the body, the Vestige discovers he has been killed by a Dwemer automaton, and investigates the Imperial plan.

Upon finding the Notes on Razak, the Vestige discovers the Imperial plan. The Vestige seeks out the three keys to Razak's Vault to beat the Imperials to it.

Upon finding the three keys, the Vestige has to go to the vault door. The keys have to be used in a certain order, the Notes on the Vault Door can be found near a dead Imperial researcher, aiding the Vestige in discovering the correct order.

Within the Vault, the Vestige comes across a Dwemer journal, images depicting a cog being required in order to complete the goal of Razak. As such, the Vestige has to forge a cog in order to complete this step in the process.

After installing the cog and using the machine, Razak's Opus appears, and becomes a pet to the Vestige.



  • Update 1: The Mold Slot can now be used more reliably.[1]


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