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The Na-Totambu of Yokuda is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.


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Centuries ago, before the Ra Gada crossed the sea to the land upon the beaches of Hammerfell, the ancestors of the modern Redguard people lived upon the continent of Yokuda. The ruling body of the Yokudan people, known as the Na-Totambu, was a council of kings whose respective nations birthed magnificent advances in metallurgy, agriculture, and shipbuilding unknown even in modern times.

When the continent of Yokuda sank beneath the waves in a great cataclysm, the Na-Totambu moved their system of government and surviving people across the sea in the fearsome Ra Gada. Even as depleted as they were by the cataclysm, the Redguards slashed through the deserts and hills to establish their nation anew, conquering Breton, Altmer, and Orc with little trouble.

As the decades passed, the influence of the Na-Totambu faded and Redguard society split into two primary cultural factions. The Forebears, generally considered the more adaptable of the two, opened trade with former enemies and maintained the coastal ports. Inland, the Crowns still held much of the power and strongly adhered to the ancient Yokudan tenets.

Despite this fanatical veneration, much Yokudan knowledge was lost to time and feuds between the factions. The eldest Crown scholars scathingly chide the modern Redguards as mere cultural shadows of their ancestors.


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