Hannibal Traven is concerned because the Mages Council is in jeopardy. These two separate quests called the Necromancer's Amulet and The Bloodworm Helm must both be completed before advancing in the guild.


Traven says that two of the high ranking members of the Council have left, taking two powerful artifacts with them. He is afraid that Mannimarco will find the mages, kill them, and take the artifacts, thereby gaining more power. He wants the artifacts safely recovered and brought back to the Arcane University. He is also highly concerned about Irlav Jarol and Caranya's fates.

Caranya took the Necromancer's Amulet to Fort Ontus, southwest of Chorrol. Irlav took the Bloodworm Helm to Fort Teleman, northeast of Leyawiin.


Head over to Fort Ontus. Once inside, several non-hostile mages guard the halls. The Dark Brotherhood members can kill them without acquiring a bounty.

Continue down to the Understreets and find Caranya. She mistakes the Hero for having joined her in helping Mannimarco take over Cyrodiil. She is now a necromancer and has taken many mages with her from the Mages Guild.

She becomes hostile when the amulet is asked for. Kill her and take the Necromancer's Amulet. She prefers to use Frost spells and switches to Fire spells if Frost Shield, or other anti-frost methods, are used. She also summons Faded Wraiths. If she is proving tough to beat, a long acting Silence spell or poison leaves her totally powerless and an easy kill. The other occupants of Fort Onus also become hostile at this point. After killing them and retrieving the amulet, return to Traven.

Alternate strategy

Sneaking up on the non-hostile mages makes killing them easier, since they will not be around when Caranya becomes hostile. Each one carries leveled daggers, GoldIcon, and random potions.


After both items are returned to Traven, speak to Raminus Polus, who promotes the Wizard to Master Wizard.


Journal Entry

The Necromancer's Amulet:

  • Update: Upon receiving the two quests:

I need to travel to Fort Ontus to retrieve the Necromancer's Amulet, and return it to the Imperial City.

  • Update: After arriving at Fort Ontus:

I've arrived at Fort Ontus. I need to find Caranya, and get the Necromancer's Amulet from her.

  • Update: After killing Caranya and taking the amulet:

Caranya was a traitor to the Mages Guild and intended to deliver the Amulet to the King of Worms. I need to get out of Fort Ontus and take the Amulet back to the Arcane University.

  • Update: After delivering the amulet to Traven:

I've delivered the Necromancer's Amulet to Hannibal Traven.

  • Quest complete


  • If the Thieves Guild quest "Misdirection" is active, the blood price for killing while helping the Thieves Guild must be paid.

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