The Necromancer of Vas is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Percius Mercius
  2. Head to Vas
  3. Kill the Leader inside
  4. Go back to the guild

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The Nerevarine must head to Vas, located Northeast of Maar Gan. Once there they must speak the contact Ulyne Henim in which they must ask him about fighting together. When inside, go to the lower levels of the dungeon and look for a door. Once they find the door and walk through they will be attacked by a Dremora and two skeletons. When they are defeated walk to the other side of the sphere behind the wall and go up the staircase. The leader of the bandit group will be there. After he is killed Ulyne Henim will thank the Nerevarine in which they have to return to Percius Mercius to collect their reward.


  • 250/500 GoldIcon


The Necromancer of Vas
Percius Mercius asked me to aid the Buoyant Armiger Ulyne Henim in her expedition to Vas which is on a remote island west of Dagon Fel.
  • Quest accepted
I agreed to fight with Ulyne. We must find and kill the Necromancer Daris Adram.
Daris Adram is dead.
Ulyne Henim thanked me for helping her kill this Necromancer.
Ulyne Henim was very grateful for my assistance in dealing with Daris Adram the Necromancer.
Percius Mercius thanked me for helping Ulyne Henim rid Vas of the Necromancers.
  • Quest complete
Percius Mercius was not happy to hear of Ulyne Henim's death. I fear he thinks less of me now.
  • Quest complete


  • If Ulyne Henim dies, Percius Mercius' disposition drops by 10 points, and the Nerevarine will not receive a reward.

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