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The Nycotic Cult is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.



High Ordinator,

Who can say what drives some of our blessed people to abandon their faith and take up with heretical gods? Greed, I suppose, is a motivating factor, as well as anger, jealousy, and the search for something better. A few, I can accept, are true believers, misguided though they might be. Most, I suspect, are duped fools chasing after whatever promises are laid before them. Take, for example, the Nycotic cult that has recently become active around Balmora. These are supreme fools indeed!

It's obvious that no one in their hierarchy can actually read or understand the Daedric alphabet. Instead, one of their founding members discovered an ancient scroll or forbidden text and bastardized a Daedric word into the Tamrielic tongue. How else can you explain them taking Daedric letters that mean nothing of the sort and deciding that the Prince they have pledged themselves to is someone called "Nycot." Yes, the first five letters of Clavicus Vile's name in Daedric bares a passing resemblance to the letters n, y, c, o, and t in the Tamrielic script, but that's not how it should be rendered or pronounced—the imbeciles!

Further, I don't even think they know that they're worshiping the Prince of Trickery and Bargains. I'm not sure who they think they've pledged themselves to, but that hasn't stopped them from causing problems from Balmora to the Bitter Coast. Some of the cult's leaders have demonstrated real talent in the arcane arts. Who knows? Perhaps Vile has actually heard their foolish prayers and decided to answer them! Regardless, we need to rouse the Order of War and march upon the caves and fissures where they hide and wipe them out—every last one of them!

In Vivec's name, you have my recommendation.

Ordinator Alurua of the Order of Doctrine and Ordination


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