Not to be confused with The Old Ways.

The Old Way is a large Ayleid ruin found beneath the Imperial City. The ruins are a combination of Ayleid structures and cave-like rooms and corridors. It can't be accessed until the last quest "The Ultimate Heist," in the Thieves Guild questline.


The Old WayEdit

The Old Way is a secret passage that runs beneath the Imperial City. It can be accessed from a wide range of points located all over the Imperial City. The passage itself is mainly caves and sewers systems, one of which belongs to the Imperial City.

The Old Way consists of a maze of rooms and corridors that eventually lead to the lost catacombs. One can also find a few traps, triggered by floor pressure plates. There are leveled creatures in several places. There are several chests, all with minor loot in the two sections of the Old Way.

Lost CatacombsEdit

The lost catacombs consists of a maze of corridors, cave-like rooms and eventually leads to a large Ayleid room where one can find a skeleton of a past adventurer. There is a bedroll, two sacks and a Steel Battle Axe beside the skeleton. Leveled creatures are in the area and one can also find a number of chests with minor loot.

Hall of EpochsEdit

The Hall of Epochs is a two part area of the Ayleid ruin found beneath the Imperial City. In here are several Welkynd Stones and in the large room one will find the Ayleid Guardians beside the door back into the Imperial City Palace. It is an area of significance in The Ultimate Heist quest. More chests with minor loot can be found in here as well.

Notable itemsEdit

  • 18 Welkynd Stones


The Ultimate HeistEdit

The final piece the Gray Fox needs to complete his grand (but unrevealed) scheme is an Elder Scroll from the Imperial City Palace itself. To start, he gives the Hero the Boots of Springheel Jak, which he believes the Hero may need at some point, as well as the Arrow of Extrication, which supposedly should unlock something.



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