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The Orrery of Elden Root is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige helps Queen Ayrenn complete a Bosmer rarification ceremony to prove she will be a great ruler.

Quick walkthroughEdit


This quest begins by talking to Meleras in the Elden Root Throne Room. The Vestige needs to go to the Orrery and speak to Daraneth before the ritual can begin.

On the way to the Orrery, the Vestige can see Vicereeve Pelidil trying to get into the ceremony, Prince Naemon refusing to leave and reassuring his sister, and King Aeradan successfully 'sneaking' into the ceremony.

The Orrery itself is a large Ayleid ruin with a spinning orb in its main room, where the ceremony takes place. Dareneth is directly across from the orb, on the stairs when the Vestige goes to meet her. Dareneth recalls seeing the Vestige in Southpoint and tells them how to activate the Orrery. The Vestige needs to use Rajhin's Mantle to be in more than one place at once. However, a mage warned Dareneth not to let anyone keep the mantle on for too long - one wearer went insane. 

The Vestige activates the pillars behind the Orrery while thinking they will "never be held in place", the key thing to remember when wearing the mantle. The Queen, her brother and King Camoran enter the Orrery's main room while the Vestige does so. Prince Naemon dismisses the Orrery, calling it a heap of moss and rubble. King Camoran is excited to see it work since he often snuck into the Orrery to see it spin.

Dareneth gives the Vestige the Heart of Anumaril to place in the pillar next to the royal observers. The Orrery awakens, which brings stairs up from the ground. However, Prince Naemon won't allow Queen Ayrenn to go first and tests it on himself. He is transformed into a huge monster, and the Vestige is forced to kill him. He freezes the group in place, but the Vestige uses Rajhin's Mantle to escape. He has a lot of Area of Effect attacks, so dodge them.

Once he is defeated, his body transforms back into its regular form. The Vestige apologizes to Queen Ayrenn, and it is her turn to use the Orrery. She emerges from the Orrery in a blue-green light as herself. Inside the Orrery, she saw a vision of peace. She asks the Vestige to stand at her side and help her build the future.




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