The Paralyzed Barbarian is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Hisin Deep-Raed was traveling with a woman as her "escort." He must have offended her in some way, and she magically infected him with a disease, leaving him paralyzed.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Hisin Deep-Raed, on the road west of Ald'ruhn.
  2. Cure his disease with either a Cure Paralyzation spell or a Potion of Cure Common Disease.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

On the road west of Ald'ruhn you should come upon a strange sight, though depending on your previous adventures, possibly not unfamiliar. The sight would one of 3 half naked Nords, this one being Hisin Deep-Raed.

Talk to him and you'll discover that, like the other 3 Nords, he was an escort for a witch and during his time with her she paralyzed him and then stripped him naked, just like the other Nords. He requests that you free him from his current state.

You can either refuse Hisin's request and leave him to his fate or cure him with a Cure Paralysis spell or give him a Potion of Cure Common Disease. If you cure him he will give you his helmet, The Icecap, an enchanted helmet with Resist Frost 30% effect.


The Paralyzed Barbarian – MV_ParalyzedBarbarian
IDJournal Entry
10I encountered Hisin Deep-Raed standing along the side of the road today. Well, "standing" is not the correct term; he was rooted to the spot.
20It seems the Nord was traveling with a woman as her "escort." He must have offended her in some way, which is not hard to imagine, and she magically infected him with a disease, leaving him paralyzed. Though he is loath to admit it, the fool is completely helpless. It's clear he needs my help, and in his own way, he is asking for it.
40I have decided to try and find a potion that might cure Hisin Deep-Raed's disease. While I would generally hurry to get back and help a poor soul, a little time spent like this might be good for the big barbarian.
  • Quest accepted
50The barbarian deserves whatever has happened to him, and I don't feel he deserves my time.
  • Quest failed
60I've told the barbarian I would attempt to cast a spell on him in order to cure the disease that has been placed on him. Leaving him here for a while wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but perhaps the big fool has suffered enough.
  • Quest accepted
65I was able to cast a spell on the barbarian to cure his disease.
100Hisin Deep-Raed is free of his disease. He seems a bit shamed by his ordeal, but maybe a little better for it.
110Though his other faults are too great to number, the oaf is nothing if not grateful. He has given me his fur helm, which he calls the Icecap. It reeks of barbarian.
  • Quest complete
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