"Imperial Magnus-General Septima Tharn is requesting a parley. I'm hoping it's to discuss a peace settlement."
Queen Arzhela[src]

The Parley is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Return to Queen Arzhela
  2. Talk to Gabrielle Benele
  3. Talk to Darien Gautier
  4. Tell Gabrielle to Open the Portal
  5. Enter Portal to Parley Site
  6. Go to the Strategic Position
  7. Get Down to the Queen
  8. Help the Queen Escape
  9. Talk to Queen Arzhela
  10. Watch the Portal
  11. Speak to the Queen


After aiding Wyress Rashan, the Vestige is tasked with returning to Queen Arzhela in Evermore. Arzhela will elaborate that she is planning to meet with the Imperial-Magus General Septima Tharn for a parley. She informs the Vestige that Gabrielle and Darien have explored the parley area, and the Vestige should talk to them to learn more.

After talking to Darien and Gabrielle, Gabrielle will open a portal, where the Vestige alongside a small unit of mages appear at the parley site, watching over the queen.

The queen and Septima Tharn will then have a short conversation. Arzhela attempts to murder Septima, causing the Magus-General to send in her legion. The queen is defended, and eventually manages to escape.

Following the escape of the queen and the Vestige, Gabrielle and Darius follow through. The Queen then rewards the Vestige with The Negotiator, a battleaxe, and some gold.



  • Update 1: Fixed an issue where stuck NPCs would prevent the quest steps "Go to the Strategic Position" or "Defend the Queen" from advancing.[1]


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