The Path of the Righteous is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. The Hero has answered the call and has set forth to find the remaining Relics of the Crusader. At the Priory of the Nine, they have discovered from Sir Ralvas, one of the old Knights of the Nine that the Mace of Zenithar can be found in the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin, a task that cost him his life.


Assuming that the Hero has the Boots of the Crusader already, travel to the Chapel in Leyawiin. Proceed down stairs to the undercroft where they should expect to encounter Sanctified Ancient Spectres, pray at the tomb of Saint Kaladas and they are transported to a dark void and are reminded that they must "Follow your faith."

The Path of the Righteous ThePath

The Path is revealed

Simply wear the Boots and the path to the Mace of the Crusader is revealed for them. Without wearing the boots, it is impossible to walk through from the door to the pedestal where the mace is placed (it is separated by a great nothingness). This is explained in a journal entry that says that the Boots have some kind of bond with the mace, and have thus revealed a path.

As soon as they pick up the mace, they are transported back to the undercroft, if one chose to sneak past the spirits, it would be wise to enter sneak mode before picking up the mace.

The Path of the Righteous Auroran

Aurorans attack

When they return to the chapel the servants of Umaril, the Aurorans, will attack. The chapel is in an upheaval, but unlike Anvil's chapel, not all of the attendants are dead yet. They are fighting back and the Hero should help them.

Once all the Aurorans are dead, the soldier in heavy armor, Carodus Oholin will express his relief and request to join their cause.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon speaking with the Knights:

Sir Ralvas has told me where to find the Mace of Zenithar. In order to recover the mace, I must travel to the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. In the undercroft of the chapel, I must kneel at the shrine there. According to Sir Ralvas, I will be tested and "my faith will be my guide."

  • Update: After kneeling at the shrine:

I've knelt before the shrine of Saint Kaladas in Leyawiin and found myself transported to some sort of dark void. I can see the Mace of Zenithar off in the distance, but there seems to be no way to reach it. According to Sir Ralvas, I must follow my faith in the Nine to guide me to the mace.

  • Update: After falling into the void:

I stepped into the void to try to reach the Mace of Zenithar, but my feet met nothing but air and I fell into the darkness. There must be a way to walk between the platforms and reach the mace.

  • Update: After falling into the void five times:

My attempts to reach the Mace of Zenithar have been unsuccessful. No matter what I try, I cannot reach the other platform. Perhaps if I continue my quest for the other relics, an answer will present itself.

  • Update: After using the Boots of the Crusader to walk across the void:

I've recovered the Mace of the Crusader.

  • Update: After defeating Umaril's Aurorans:

After recovering the Mace of the Crusader, I found the minions of Umaril attacking the Chapel of Zenithar. They were all defeated and Leyawiin's Chapel escaped desecration.

  • Quest complete


  • It is necessary that the quest "Nature's Fury" is completed before pursuing this quest. This is hinted at when asking Sir Ralvas about Zenithar, as he says in order honor Zenithar one must acknowledge Kynareth's power. His allegory of how a craftsman of Zenithar must use the resources from Kynareth's natural also alludes to this.
  • Infamy must be at one or below otherwise the Boots of the Crusader cannot be worn.
  • Do not waste any time trying to cross the void using the Paint Brush glitch. There is a barrier surrounding the platform that the mace is on.

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