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"White-Gold belongs to Molag Bal. All Towers will follow!"
―The Planar Inhibitor[src]

The Planar Inhibitor is a Flame Atronach that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City. It is the fifth boss in the White-Gold Tower.


Planemeld ObverseEdit


White-Gold Tower PledgeEdit

Complete White-Gold Tower.

Item dropsEdit


  • "I will burn your very souls!"
  • "Come! Face darkness and flame!"
  • "How much can you endure?"
  • "Let the heat take you!"
  • "Your will—against my flame!"
Flame attacks
  • "All will perish here!"
  • "There are flames enough for all!"
  • "Nowhere to run, mortal!"
Concentrated flame attacks
  • "Become one with the fire of Coldharbour!"
  • "Succumb to flame and shadow!"
  • "Weep in Coldharbour's light!"
  • "Embrace my flame!"
Blue flames
  • "Test your flesh against my flame!"
  • "Writhe in my flame!"
  • "Dance with me!"
  • "Nothing will remain of you!"
On the ground
  • "I can't control it!"
Vestige dies
  • "White-Gold belongs to Molag Bal. All Towers will follow!"
  • "White-Gold has fallen. Existence itself will follow."
  • "You, and all of mortalkind will be forgotten."
When killed
  • "I'll remember this!"
  • "Death won't stop me!"


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