For the location, see Pudai Egg Mine.

The Pudai Eggmine is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest is a Fighters Guild quest given by Hrundi in Wolverine Hall. He need someone to find the lost Pudai Egg Mine and recover seven Golden Eggs.


"No one knows exactly where the Pudai Egg Mine is. I believe it is somewhere on or near the island of Sheogorad north of here. It is said that there are seven eggs of gold there. If you find Pudai and these eggs, bring them to me. I wouldn't worry too much if you cant find it. No one else has, but it's the only contract I've got right now."

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Dagon Fel
  2. Follow the road west out of Dagon Fel. Take the first left and head south to the first path to the right.
  3. Turn right and follow the path west to the third path on the right.
  4. Enter Pudai Egg Mine and proceed to the back of the Queen's Lair.
  5. Collect the Golden Eggs.
  6. Return to Hrundi.



  • 10,000 GoldIcon


The Pudai Eggmine
Hrundi asked me to find the Pudai Egg Mine somewhere on or near the island of Sheogorad to the north. Once I find Pudai, I should bring Hrundi the Seven Eggs of Gold rumored to be there.
  • Quest accepted
Hrundi thanked me for bringing him the Seven Eggs of Gold.
  • Quest complete

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