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The Quarra Amulet is a Clan Quarra quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.

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The Quarra Amulet
Volrina Quarra has offered me the chance to perform another service for her. She needs to make a large number of magical amulets for her clan, and has need of raw materials to do so.
  • Quest accepted
I have agreed to find the ingredients Volrina Quarra needs. The raw materials are five extravagant sapphire amulets, two portions of void salts, the heart of a daedra, some ectoplasm, a skull, and some vampire dust. I have decided not to try and find the materials needed by Volrina Quarra.
I have returned to Volrina Quarra with the ingredients she asked for. She apparently was using them to create powerful amulets for her clan. This is not her first attempt at such an enchantment. She has given me as a reward an amulet (one of her failed attempts) that will allow me to return to Druscashti at will. She has also told me that I may earn further reward by killing vampires of other clans.
Because I have killed a great number of vampires of the Aundae and the Berne Clans, Volrina Quarra has rewarded me with the right to feed from the clan cattle. The only provision is that I may not kill any of them. If I do, I will no longer be welcome in Druscashti, and will be attacked on sight.
  • Quest completed
Because I have killed some of the cattle, I have lost the privilege of using them for food.
  • Quest completed

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