Firtoril has offered me a chance to enter the frog race. If my frog wins, we'll split the prize.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Speak with Firtoril
  2. Obtain a frog
  3. Feed the frog
  4. Enter the frog and watch the race
  5. Speak to Firtoril


Speaking with Firtoril will reveal that she has invented a 'frog chow', which, if used in the right quantity, is guaranteed to result in victory in the frog race. However, due to some unspecified past misdemeanour, she is unable to enter a frog into the event. She therefore cuts the player a deal: if the player can find a frog to enter the race, then feed it the chow, she'll split the winnings.

There are three characters from whom the player can obtain a frog:

  • Hadras - The owner of Hopper. The Intimidating Presence perk is required to unlock the dialogue option to obtain this frog.
  • Silvanir - The owner of Snooks. The Persuasive Will perk is required to unlock the dialogue option to obtain this frog.
  • Lamburak - The owner of Bloodthirster. Lamburak must be bribed to obtain this frog.

It is now time to feed the frog. Head over to the bag of chow and examine. This will give you the option to feed the frog. Examining the frog itself will tell you how full it appears. Feeding the frog too little chow, or too much, will not have the desired effect and cause your frog to lose the race.

Once the dialogue tells the player the frog looks 'full', then they're ready to race. Interacting with the baskets at the starting line will cause the race to start. If you have fed the frog correctly, it will win the race. Head over to Firtoril to collect your reward.


  • 138 GoldIcon


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