The Ratway Vaults is a small, three-tier set of sewer-like tunnels accessed via The Ragged Flagon in Riften.


The Ratway Vaults are populated by paired or lone Skeevers, Vagrants, and Lowlifes. The first sentry near the entrance is particularly alert.

Hostile Thalmor agents will be encountered here during the quest A Cornered Rat.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Dravin's Bow is located in a locked chest in the lowermost room of the Vaults. It is guarded by a Lowlife and a Vagrant.
  • The room includes two chests (one locked, one not), as well as a weapon on the table itself.


  • One of the rooms contains an Anvil and Workbench.
  • A few crafting materials are located on the Workbench.
  • An entrance to The Ratway Warrens is located off the lowermost level of the Vaults.


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