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The Remnant of Light is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

"In that (minute or eon) of blood, Anumaril brought (Lord) Filestis the Remnant of Light ('autaracu alata'), and begged him to take it to the cold sunset limit ('fal sorn glathe') of Tamriel. Noble Filestis took the Remnant and, with his (clan or livestock), left Kwyrothil (?) and traveled far. He kept the sunset always in his leftmost eye. Filestis was (followed or pursued) by the Ayleid Emigrants.

"They came to a Land of Cold Rocks and swam ashore (beached? berthed?). The rocks were cold/hard, but the Remnant of Light made all (fertile or wriggling). Many of the Emigrants fell ill, but the Light caused the (rocks or mountains) to bloom food-stone ('culle-anda'), which was tongue-sweet and made healing.

"Filestis desired the Remnant of Light to (smile, glow, warm) all of the Cold Rocks, so the Emigrants, now strong-with-radiance, (raised or razed) a (mountain or pinnacle) to affix it upon. This was (collated?) in eight-hundred-eighty (minutes or eons). Then did all the Cold Rocks bloom food-stone, and every Emigrant was (healthy, impregnated, sharpened).

"After a long time (months-wasted-lying), noble Filestis was (eaten) by Death, and in afterness the Emigrants each cried a blue lake. But his helpmeet took him to the (mountain or pinnacle), where was the Remnant of Light. Then Filestis was strong-with-radiance, and Danced for eight more choruses."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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